21 Of The Funniest Things Pakistanis Had To Say About The Oath-Taking Ceremony

By Noor | 18 Aug, 2018

Imran Khan, the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan just had his oath-taking ceremony and it was glorious for many, many reasons. And, because of the procession of events, Pakistani Twitter was abuzz with hilarious memes and tweets.

Of course, people were excited, too. 

Everybody woke up early and was glued to their television screen

Phir mauqa koi bhe ho, memes aur funny tweets tau banti hai na?. Let’s not control ourselves and let us present to you the funniest memes and tweets we found.

Source: imgur.com

1. So it all began with Mamnoon Hussain being trolled

2. Repeatedly

3. Super meme-able

4. Couldn’t we just change the timings of the ceremony?

5. At least some positivity for our beloved president

6. HAHA, this one

7. Urdu ka ‘level’ being discussed

8. Punjabi meetup

9. A memorable correction

10. LOL, a cute blunder

11. And this one

12. Umm, WHAT?!!

13. Some just waited for the chai and biscuits

14. Pehlay yeh ban tau jayien PM

15. LOL, this one

16. Everyone’s looking for Tabdeeli


Gepostet von The Trolling Society am Freitag, 17. August 2018

17. A gentle reminder

18. We are really sorry Sidhu sahib 

19. HAHA this

20. The sherwani problem

21. Bilawal changing his decision

We really hope that you enjoyed reading these. Let us know if you have more to add. Also, Naya Pakistan Mubarak. 


People Can’t Stop LOL-ing At President Mamnoon’s Face During The Oath Taking Ceremony


Imran Khan Just Took His Oath As Prime Minister And The Whole country Is Obsessing Over It

Cover image via hindustantimes.com

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