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The 16 Things You Didn’t Realize You Need To Be Thankful To Your Ex For

The 16 Things You Didn’t Realize You Need To Be Thankful To Your Ex For

Most people don’t really think to say thank you to their ex’s for anything, instead they might have another few choice words. But contrary to popular belief, there are certain things that all ex’s have been pretty useful for.

So here’s all that you need to be thankful to your ex for:

1. Giving us our social lives back.


Thanks for giving us all of our weekends back, our friends back and oh yeah- our WILL.TO.LIVE.


2. Decreasing our phone bill.


Uff, thank you for saving us the cost of talking to you all the time.


3. Our friends.

Via Deenga

Thank you for showing us that our friends’ really do know best (they were right about you btw) and that we should listen to them.


4.  The free food – thanks yaar

Via Deenga

Acha, I mean, no sarcasm here – actually thank you for all of the food…


5. For our favorite gym shirt, or poochay wali taaki (if you will).

Via: Giphy

Miss your favorite shirt? Whoops too bad. When i’m done with it, my dog is going to get it. You can ask him for it.


6. All the screenshots to laugh at.

Via Social Talent

Who knew a couple of pictures could be soooo hilarious?


7. All the free car rides


Didn’t have to pay for a single Careem or Uber the whole time, not bad waisay. Maybe that can be an app, the cheatermobile, fueled by all the rage of ex girlfriends.


8. Giving us the chance to yell all the time.


It’s good to exercise the lungs every now and then, especially when you’re the one winning the argument. Kaafi thrill aati hai.


9. For all of the arguments.

Via Deenga

Okay so, jokes aside, every fight taught us something. How to say sorry, how to not say sorry, whether it was a fault in ourselves, or knowing when to walk away.


10. Teaching us self respect.

Source: Tumblr/allthingspakcelebs

The most important kind of respect is self-respect and that is what you taught us. Every snide comment, every little jab, we learned to love and respect ourselves.


11. Boosting our confidence.

Via Deenga

For all of the times you put us down about our looks, our clothes, our ‘lame jokes,’ we now know to not pay too much attention to what people have to say. We love us, theek hai?


12. Giving us the ability to say no.

Via Deenga

Thank you for teaching us the importance of saying no, when all you forced us to do was agree with you.


13. Teaching us to choose for ourselves.

Via Deenga

We now know better than to agree with everything you say, we can have our own opinions and views and not have to justify them.


14. Giving us our independence.

Via Deenga

Before being able to be in a happy relationship with someone else, it’s important to be happy by yourself. Thank you for showing us the importance of independence and being completely happy alone.


15. Loving us

Via Deenga

At the end of the day, it’s always nice to be loved and no matter what we went through, thank you for all the love you gave.


16. And of course, beaking up with us

Source: Tumblr/allthingspakcelebs

On behalf of all of us, thank you for walking away. Relationships are lessons to be learned and ours, for better or for worse, was a lesson we won’t forget.


Shout to all the ex’s in the world, aap itnay bhee fazool nai hai waisay, thanks for all the memories. Do you have any thing you want to say thank you to your ex for? Let us know in the comments, your ex might just see it!

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