15 Times Ahsan Khan Was A Little Too Perfect For Your Zindagi

By Iman Zia | 16 Aug, 2017

Ahsan Khan is the underdog of the film fraternity. The actor has been an unfazed artist within the industry for over a decade. He stunned with his absolutely unfathomable and eerie role as Imtiaz, the man who rapes an underage girl on indie-drama Udaari. While he slipped into one of the television’s most despised antagonists, Ahsan’s acting rightfully earned him tremendous respect as a venerated artist that also garnered him his due, after what felt like a lifetime in the industry. And it’s only fair we acknowledge him!

He looks absolutely splendid with every actress he’s paired with, be it feline Ayesha Omar

Bubly and Danish of Rehraa#comingsoon#pakcenima#featurefilm#shooting#qasoor#lahore#trainstation#rehbrathefilm

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The vibrant Saba Qamar


Or the bubbly Sajal Aly

His time on set his latest venture Udaari wasn’t all serious, and he’s wrapped up the drama with new acquaintances

I missed #uddari today:) Did you? #uddari#saynotochildabuse#bestdrama#humtv

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The actor has an effervescent style about him and does justice to the dandyish attire he oozes into

"Gloss". #cover#newmagazine#dubaibased##andullaharis#interview#uddari#upcomingfilms#chupunchupai#rehbra

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And pulls off a plethora of looks with grace


He’s often found experimenting with his style, and as of late has been looking rather rock star-esque

And this …..???:)

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And has been sporting quite the bushy beard for something…

What do u guys think ??? ?

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Regardless, Ahsan is a man of character – his philanthropic nature is laudable


And is a family man beyond measure


Eid mubarik with lots of love :)) ( Mashallah )and thank you #amiradnan for the lovely outfits

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Ahsan’s love for animals is all the more endearing, with his boys Max and Joe

Running with my max and joe #fun#live#animals#play#cheerful#myboys

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Along with another pastime of his – horse riding

He gets along with everyone, regardless of age, and his close bond with fellow costar Areesha is proof of that

Tonight at 8 on hum tv #uddari

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And is also incredibly heartfelt – remember the time the shy actress won her accolade for best actress for Udaari and was brought on stage with Ashan?

As the crowd stood up to give us a standing ovation, I was very happy, supremely grateful and incredibly emotional; yet I knew the accolades were not for me. People were celebrating an era in which Pakistan has built up the courage needed to bring unpleasant, troublesome and inconvenient issues to the forefront. Thanks to Udaari, a topic heretofore hidden and taboo, was discussed in homes all across Pakistan and all over the world. The team of Udaari took a risk and acted with tremendous courage when they undertook the project. As I accept the accolades and awards, I salute each and every person associated with Udaari. These are brave, courageous and daring people. I love them. I respect them. And I believe in them. These awards – and I am immensely grateful for them – are prizes not for Ahsan Khan but a veritable recognition of the tremendous courage that made Udaari possible. #uddari#saynotochildabuse#humtv#humawsrds#bestactor#bestactorinanegativerole#paaimtiaz#zebo#respect

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He’s a man of many wonders, Ahsan is! We can’t wait to see him on screen soon! What’s your favourite character of Ahsan Khan’s?

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