13 Unique Traits That Will Make Every Libra Think, “Yeh Toh Bilkul Main Hoon”

By Ramsha Bhatti | 25 Sep, 2018

Libra season is here and all of you birthday girls and boys can rejoice and celebrate. Get your cakes ready, balloons filled, and confetti set dear Libras for it’s your time now.

The seventh astrological sign is taking over so here are a few things all Libras can relate to.  Also for all you non-Libras, you can still relate to it if you have a Libra friend.


1. You’re a natural charmer as a Libra

Libras have a bad reputation for being flirtatious while they are merely just super flattering and charming. Their personality is strong, stern, and blunt, which makes people feel like they are attractive and charming. It’s okay it’s not your fault love.

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2. You care for anyone and everyone in your sight

Libras are always on their toes, caring for everyone in their social circle. Be it their friends’ friend, if they see or even feel like anyone might be blue, they will pounce to their rescue. Even at parties, a Libra will go around asking each and everyone attending the party to ensure that they are comfortable. I mean, they don’t even enjoy it fully.

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3. As a Libra, you try to be super fair but also maintain diplomacy.

Libras are known to be diplomatic AF, but they are also fair and hate unfair treatment towards themselves or anyone else. The paradox of balancing diplomacy and fairness is always difficult to implement and Libras always feel like a lost cause to themselves because they don’t know what to do. Either they can be fair and support one side (in an argument) or be diplomatic and keep both sides happy.

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4. Your words are your best weapon

Libras are gifted with words and flattery, tbh. They know how to handle situations and change the tension in the air by merely talking to people, warding the negative energy away. They smooth talk their way into people’s hearts and social circles and remain there without any problem with the help of the speech power they are blessed with.

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5. However, you suck at talking about your feelings because you’re a Libra

While they may be good listeners as well as good speakers, they falter when it comes to talking about their feelings. Ask them about the weather, politics, the latest sale at ZARA, or even about their neighbor’s dog and they’ll be up for a conversation. Ask them about how they are dealing with a breakup and they will have a system failure.

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6. You often have your niceness mistaken as flirting

It’s so difficult for Libras to draw the line between being an acceptable level of friendly and going all out for people. For people who know you in and out, it’s all good. But for people who may be new to your awesomeness, you must often get to hear how they think you might be interested in them when you really were just trying to be friendly and nice.

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7. A Libra is on a constant loop of overthinking, indecisiveness, and procrastination

Everyone knows Libras are indecisive. It takes them a good 30-45 minutes to decide which color they would be wearing and are still unsure of their choice once they do settle on one. Since Libras are overthinkers, your brain tries to make up the pros and cons of everything and it takes you an eternity to come to a conclusion, and then you ultimately end up procrastinating.

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8. Confrontation is your worst enemy

Being a Libra myself, I will testify to this wholeheartedly. As much as we hate unfair treatment, we hate confrontations equally and there’s no denying that. Libras prefer an environment filled with peace and hate confrontations so they tend to avoid fights. Libras tend to sprint at the mere thought of confrontations.

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9. If you’re a Libra you live for and LOVE (second-hand) drama.

While they might love a peaceful environment, a little masalydar gossip from someone else’s drama never hurt anybody. Libras like to keep their life and social circle drama free and push for their friends to do the same but they will definitely enjoy listening to what happened to their BFF’s ex’s sister’s boyfriend. They don’t even need to know the person to enjoy gossip, they just feed off of it for the sake of enjoying it.

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10. You’re so high maintenance that it breaks your bank!

We all know Libras are always the best dressed and look their absolute best self. You will never find a Libra in a social set-up in PJs and flip-flops. Okay, maybe that is slightly exaggerated but you get the point. Libra believes in self-love and pampers themselves to the fullest. Indulging is one of your key traits and everything that is hedonistic and luxurious makes your life a tad bit better.

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11. You, as a Libra, can read a person inside-out at the snap of a finger!

How quickly Libras can smell through someone’s bullshit is unreal. Libras have a strong intuition and can sense a person’s energy and vibe within a few minutes of meeting them, which is why they are often surrounded with positive people: they filter out the toxicity ASAP! If you are friends with a Libra, trust them when they don’t like one of your other friends.

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12. Forgive and forget is not your life motto!

You may be loving, caring, and gullible, but you’re not stupid. Thanks to your tendency to overthink for all these years, you have set a standard for yourself which defines what is and what isn’t acceptable to you. So if and when someone does anything wrong to you, you may be willing to forgive them in a snap, but you will never forget it and will never trust them as you did before.

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13. Chilling is a 24/7 mood for a Libra

So what if your social circle is unmanageably huge and all of your friends want to hang out with you simultaneously? You can make lazing around a thing to be done during hangouts too. Your laid back energy and calm composure can seriously get anyone in the mood to lounge around with you on a weekend and enjoy it thoroughly.

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In the end, with all your flaw and perfections you are still adorable and all of your friends love your wholesomeness. Be classy, be confident, and keep feeding off of that drama. Also, happy birthday!


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