Here's What Your Love Life Looks Like This Week According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Maliha Khan | 23 Sep, 2018

Love is not a stroll in the park, but the universe can predict what your love life may be like this week. Check out what your love life looks like this week according to your zodiac sign.


You have been too focused on yourself and your needs and have put your relationship on the back burner. This week can be a learning experience for you, and you can learn to put more effort into your relationship in the future.

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If you have been on the fence about someone or aren’t sure whether they are worth being in a relationship with, well this is your week. They have proven time and time again they deserve to be in your life permanently and this week you will finally see that and feel that.

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You haven’t been putting time into your friendships like you used to because of your partner and people are starting to notice. There is a huge difference between you and the way people are perceiving your loyalty. It is time to change people’s opinions and get back to hanging out with friends. It is so important to integrate these two parts of your life.

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You have always wanted your partner to be by your side. You like spending time with him/her and sometimes you feel like they are not doing enough of that. This week you have seen a change, and they have been getting too clingy. This will help you realize too much of each other and a possessive personality in a relationship never does anyone any good.

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It is time to get serious, your relationship has been building up to this point for a while now. If you haven’t had the “talk” yet, well it is time you do. Communicate your feelings and tell your partner how you feel. This will bring your relationship to the next step.

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Your relationship may be getting too serious too fast, which can lead to wanting a break from both sides. Taking a break and giving each other space is okay, as long as it is understood things will get better after. If things don’t seem to get better, it might be time to call it off.

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Some decisions need to be made this week. Either you go deeper into the relationship or allow the relationship to drown. You are unsure of your relationship and where you stand, so it might be better to work on yourself and then work on being in a relationship.

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You always come off as the powerful, over the top one in your relationship. You often do not allow your partner to shine in their own light, you rather take them under your wings. It’s time to allow them to shine and stand on their own.

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Love will surprise you in so many ways this week. It is going to hit you like a bus, and your life will change forever. This week you will truly feel what love is and understand there is no feeling like it.

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A friend or a few friends may try to meddle in your relationship. There can be different reasons for their actions, but the most important thing to remember is, at the end of the day it is YOUR relationship. You have to focus on it and see what needs to be done.

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Things are changing and it can be bittersweet. Whether you are moving on from a relationship or getting over a phase in your relationship, you need all the motivation you can get to overcome it fast and efficiently. Relationships are hard work, and this week has definitely shown you that.

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You have been sending signals for a while now and your partner/crush just doesn’t seem to be getting them. There is an issue in your connection, and this will cause problems in the future as well. Maybe it is time to move on from sending signals and just be direct about it.

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Let us know how your love life ended up being like this week! Are the predictions on point or helpful? We’re awaiting your feedback.


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