13 Things That Happen When You Don't Know How To Take A Compliment

By Momina Mindeel | 18 Feb, 2017

Not everybody has the god-gifted ability to accept compliments while completely retaining their cool and without blushing. If you are one of those who just cannot take a compliment and find themselves at a loss for words whenever they are being praised  here are a few thing you’ll be able to relate to:


1. You just sit there awkwardly blushing when somebody tells you how you look pretty in your new outfit

You may even be wishing for the earth to part itself away so you can hide yourself in it.

Source: Dharma Productions


2. You formulate a lot of apparently appropriate answers in your head but you never really end up saying them when you do get a compliment

Them: Hey, you are so photogenic, I miss your pretty face.

You: Tum aj us falan falan function par ja rahe ho na aj?

Source: VB Pictures


3. You keep your eyes fixed to the table or the floor or whatever it is that’s near you

Just about anything other than the person’s face.

Source: discodandiya


4. It is always easier for you to compliment people and when they tend to reciprocate, you wish to pack all your bags and run far far away

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5. You appreciate people who give you compliments over texts as it gives you ample time to think through your response 

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6. Sometimes, you feel like people who praise you have sinister plans

Koi aise hee kisi ki tareef kese kar sakta hai? I am not even that great.

Via: Tumblr


7. While you always want your significant other to praise you, you just end up looking like a box of pink blush powder with your overly-blushed cheeks

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8. If self-deprecation was a person, it would be, hands down, you. 

“Main kahan pyari hun yaar.”

“Nai nai, main tou bohat moti hun bhae.”

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9. You tend to assess every word and every move of your admirer very carefully in case they are hiding a weapon behind them 

Again, “akhir yeh meri tareef kyun karay ga.”

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10. If you ever dress up you spend almost an hour before the mirror practicing appropriate answers, in case somebody compliments you on your make up or your clothes

Via Tumblr


11. Even the ride till your destination is all about making up imminent scenarios in your head where you’d be complimented

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12. Laughing it off is your to-go reaction. All day, every day 

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13. But there are moments when you graciously accept the compliments and feel super proud of your socially awkward self 

Source: deenga.com


Take a compliment, because you’re so you.

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