13 Struggles All Girls Face When They're On Their Period During Ramazan

By Sajeer Shaikh | 31 May, 2017

Being on your period during Ramazan is a challenge

Ramazan is that one month out of the entire year where a lot of us try to get our acts together. Let’s face it – if you haven’t been the best version of yourself all year round, this is when you want to make things right. You try to get in as much sawaab as possible. However, being a girl, there’s always that one week when you get your period that serves as a break from the rozas. You’d think this would be a source of relief for many.

However, most of this week is spent facing numerous struggles. Here are a few:


1. You have to pretend to fast to avoid questions and awkward silence afterwards

If you’re not too open about being on your period, chances are you’ll have to pretend to fast in front of everyone to spare yourself all the constant questioning. Basically, you’ll be a bit hush-hush about the entire situation.

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2. You’re in stealth mode throughout the day

If people don’t know that you’re on your period and you’re pretending to fast, chances are that you’ll be tempted to eat something at some point during the day. Essentially, kaafi chup chup ke khaana parhta hai.

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3. If you aren’t pretending to fast, sawaal toh har taraf se ayeinge

“Oh, you’re not fasting? Why?”
I mean, sure – some people genuinely cannot fast because of other reasons too, but more often than not, it’s obvious that your uterus is acting up. Baar baar poochne ki kya zaroorat hai?

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4. You kinda feel guilty about not keeping a roza

Everyone around you is earning sawaab and you’re just there like a gushing fountain of pain and misery. And it’s not even your fault. Besides, you feel bad at times that you can eat when others can’t.

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5. Your mind keeps playing tricks on you

Because you’re so used to fasting, beech beech main you’ll keep thinking that you’re breaking your roza if you happen to be eating. You have to remind yourself that it’s okay to eat at that point.

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6. You’ll probably get to hear a few taanas 

If someone happens to see you eat, thoray taaney toh sunnay parhte hain. Because when others are fasting, those who aren’t simply shouldn’t exist, lest they tempt others to break their rozas.

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7. Workload increase hojayega 

If you’re not fasting, that basically means you’re free to do all the kaam that others can’t find the energy to. You’re left shouldering all the extra work with an aching uterus.

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8. Thori low-key ostracization bhi hogi because you’re considered “unclean”

Basically, since you’re considered na paak, you’ll be asked to stay away from numerous objects and things around the house. Bohot kharaab feeling hoti hai, but eh – just till your period ends.

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9. People will make it a point to ask you why you aren’t praying

They’ll expect ke reason suddenly change hojayega. It’s like they expect that, under the influence of some mysterious force, your reason for not fasting and praying won’t be your uterus anymore. Doesn’t work like that, though.

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10. They’ll try to salvage your soul for those days in any way they can

Since you can’t fast, pray or touch anything remotely holy, people will keep chiming in with what you can do to gain sawaab. It’s sweet and all, but religion is pretty personal. You could do without most of the advice, especially since you’ve heard it numerous times.

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11. Your totally legit pain is sort of undermined

Your cramps are totally overshadowed by the fact that everyone around is being tested in different ways. You’re used to your cramps at this point, which is why this doesn’t bother you. What bothers you is when people say your pain isn’t legitimate since you’re not even fasting to begin with.

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12. Dealing with people becomes 200% harder

People are on edge because of their rozas. You’re on edge because your insides are basically shedding. It just doesn’t go very well together.

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13. There’s always the chance ke Eid ke waqt bhi, you’re still on your period

If you get your period towards the end of Ramazan, you’ll basically still be on your period during Eid. That means you’ll be uncomfortable on the days when everyone else is chilling. Visiting people also becomes a literal pain. Kuch bhi hojaye, Eid pe periods nahi honay chahiye. 

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Being on your period is a struggle as it is. However, evidently, it’s a completely different kind of struggle during Ramazan. I mean, sure – you’re not fasting and you get to eat. But that’s it. Is there any upside to getting your period during Ramazan? Let us know in the comments below.


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