Here's Why Getting My Periods During Ramazan Is Always A Pain In More Than Just My Uterus

By Maliha Khan | 5 May, 2019

YES… So we all know that periods are very real. You and I are proof they exist. So let me ask you all this simple question. Why do we still act like menstruation does not take place and that menstruating women do not fast while on their periods during Ramazan?

First things first, why am I supposed to wake up for Sehri if I’m not going to fast?

The last thing I want to do is wake up in the middle of the morning while I am on my period. That too, to simply eat and pretend like I will be fasting. Only because apparently my brother and dad are not allowed to know I am bleeding. Matlab…kya?

I am sure they know periods exist. Kaafi natural cheez hai. Phir main apna temporary sukoon kyun barbaad karoon?

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After all, it’s a natural process. Koi galat baat toh nahi hai.

Um, shouldn’t people be happy I’m on my period? Isn’t it the preferred alternative? Instead, I’m forced to act like a rozaydaar, while making me taste everything to make sure it has the right amount of spices. Why should I have to hide this? It’s not like I am out there doing something wrong which is making me bleed.

And then I have to eat chup chup ke.

Having my period during the month of Ramazan is inevitable. It’s going to happen so why should I have to punish myself by not eating? I do agree, eating in private and not around rozaydaar is the most appropriate way to go about things. But is it really necessary for every person that sees me eating in private to point it out?

A period week is kinda like a week off, you know? Chill karne dou. 

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I mean…is having cramps and being in pain for a week not bad enough?

Excruciating pain, mood swings, and cravings are not enough to make me suffer, haina? I need all of the women in my family piling the workload on me since I am not fasting. It simply becomes an excuse for everyone else to give me their share of the work since having my period is any easier than keep a roza, haina? 

I get it. Sahi hai, I’ll help out. But cut me some slack in SOME department at least.

Periods and endless Iftaari scenes combined? Yeah…not the best idea.

Oh, the endless Iftaaris, the amazing food, and the OTT outfits – what can be better? I know what can be better… being allowed to wear my new shalwar kameez that I have been dying to don. But unfortunately I am menstruating and according to my mom, I am not allowed to wear new clothes during those days. So I am being forced to go to a random auntie’s house and not in the clothes that I want. Because I’m impure. Great. Sounds pretty fair.

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Ramazan teaches us to be respectful, patient, and kind towards our fellow human beings.

It teaches us to be understanding and not judgmental, which should hold true towards women and girls during their periods as well.

We do not get to pick and choose when we menstruate, so do not shame us for not fasting. I do not want to hide from my male counterparts, because periods are a forbidden topic. If you do not want me to talk about it, then do not constantly bring up the fact that I am not fasting. Sounds like the perfect compromise to me. (Though it couldn’t hurt if you educated yourselves on the topic.) Let me know if you agree down below.



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