13 Spiritual Quotes From People Other Than Rumi, To Inspire You This Ramazan

By Iman Zia | 4 May, 2019

Quotes by Rumi are aplenty, here are some beautiful ones by other spiritual people in the spirit of Ramazan

While we all relish Rumi’s quotes, let’s take a little breather from his overused and recycled quotes to enlighten us on this Ramazan. Ibn Qayyim is a lesser-known poet whose words emanate divinity. Known as Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyya, the theologian was a man of many hats. Born January 28, 1292 AD, Ibn Qayyim belonged to the Hanbali school and was one of the pioneers of Sunni jurisprudence. His words exuded a spiritual awakening and his penned words have been pillars of strength for many people seeking a little redemption.

Here are 13 of his most profound quotes to get you more ready this Ramazan:


On what fear really is.

quotes other than Rumi 13

On the importance of women.

quotes other than Rumi 12

On controlling your tongue.

quotes other than Rumi 11

On false desires.

quotes other than Rumi 10

On worldly desires never being enough.

quotes other than Rumi 9

On the importance of always being able to feel.

quotes other than Rumi 8

On spending time with the less fortunate.

quotes other than Rumi 7

On committing sins.

quotes other than Rumi 6

On always believing in something greater than yourself.

quotes other than Rumi 5

On keeping your heart pure.

quotes other than Rumi 4

On always saying a little prayer.

quotes other than Rumi 3

On the delicacy of the heart.

quotes other than Rumi 2

On how well we hide our sins.

quotes other than Rumi 1


Motivation can come in shapes, forms, and means and these quotes are just a way to help those of you who get inspired by the written word, get into the spirit of Ramazan. Certainly, not everyone may feel these but as someone famously said, words are powerful so these quotes are just a little contribution to spread that power of the written word.

Which one of these beautiful quotes has stuck by you? Do you have a favorite quote regarding Ramazan? Sound off in the comments below.

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