13 Reasons Why You Definitely Need A Capricorn BFF In Your Life

By Rameen Shakil | 6 Jan, 2019

Y’all need a Capricorn BFF

Put your beanies on because it’s Capricorn season! Just like the winter season is filled with tradition and warmth, Capricorns are loyal and filled with love. They bring joy into one’s life and will always manage to make you smile. And that’s not even it. Here’s why you need a Capricorn best friend in your life:


1. A Capricorn BFF is loyal and they ain’t goin’ nowhere.

If you’ve made it to a Capricorn’s inner circle, consider yourself lucky because your membership is forever. They have a special place in their heart for their friends and loved ones and rest assured, they’re in it for the long haul. They will stick by you, even in the most difficult situations and will pretend like it’s a piece of cake. Don’t worry about being ghosted. Even if they need their space from time to time, they always bounce back.

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2. They’ll always lend a listening ear.

May it be a silly crush or an issue of life or death, they’ll always be there to hear you out. They’ll make it a point to be your venting buddy! So if you have a Capricorn in your life, chances are you have nothing boiling up within you because they’re always there to your rescue with a pack of tissues. Don’t worry about boring them, they like listening to your intense life story for the 100th time. It only gives them more time to analyze and point out details you may have missed out on.

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3. Your Capricorn BFF is most likely to be the successful one in your group.

They’re usually known to be pragmatic and extremely hardworking but this also means that they are most likely the ones to make it big. With their persistence and dedication, they are known to be successful. So keep your friends close but keep your Capricorns closer! You never know, they might just end up the richest.

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4. They’re down for anything.

Want to stay in tonight? Not a problem. May it be a cozy game night, a sunny lunch-in or a wild party at the beach, they are down for anything. Capricorns know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play. So when the hour comes to kick off those work shoes, they’re the first ones you’ll find on the dance floor or are probably the ones doing a solo performance in your living room. Flexible and adaptable, they will never disappoint. And their moves aren’t too shabby, either.

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5. Your Capricorn BFF has always got your back.

Whether it’s stalking your ex for you or getting into a fist fight, you can count on them to always have your back. So if you have a Capricorn in your life, don’t worry about suffering public humiliation alone because chances are, they are right by your side going through it with you.

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6. They’re your ultimate guide

Trust them to give you the best possible advice, as their ability to be practical and analyze a situation is absolutely amazing. So if they say no to an outfit, it’s best to hang it back in your closet. However, if they say yes to a guy, just go for him. Capricorns are intuitive by nature so it’s best to trust their judgment.

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7. There’s no dull conversation with your Capricorn BFF, ever.

Capricorns are known to be good conversationalists. They are raw and don’t beat around the bush, which makes conversations with them a lot more interesting. They may come off as shy at first but once they warm up, getting them to shut up might be a problem. They’ll know how to connect with you on an intimate level so get your deepest thoughts out because these friends are out to get them.

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8. That little voice at the back of your head? That’s not you, it’s your Capricorn friend!

Capricorns take friendships seriously. So count on them to challenge you, push you to your max and call you out when your blinkers are off. They’ll be that honest friend you can go up to when it’s time to re-assess yourself and get an in-depth reality check. Even though they may give you tough love at times, always remember they want what’s best for you and love you with all their heart.

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9. They’ll do anything to see you smile.

May it be cleaning up your closet or showing up with chocolates at your house. There is nothing this friend won’t do to turn that frown upside down. They may even hunt and kill for you, so careful what you wish for. Capricorns don’t know their limits so it may be painful when they go all-the-way for the wrong people. However, they’ll learn their lesson and bounce back soon enough.

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10. Your secret is safe with them.

They’ll literally take it to their grave. They are the most trustworthy friends who’ll guard your secrets like their own. So don’t hesitate to spill the beans with them. They will put themselves on the line for you if it means keeping your life drama a secret. Be careful not to overburden them, though. They are sensitive and they will treat your problems like their very own.

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11. They’re low maintenance.

Cappies are easy going people who radiate only positive vibes. They are down to earth and it doesn’t take much to cheer them up. So don’t worry about messing up because they’ll be the most forgiving friend you have. They make do with whatever little love they find but make sure to give them your 100%. They deserve it.

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12. They’ll make you feel at home.

Capricorn friends will always make it a point to include you in everything. May it be a spa appointment or a family vacation, they take “my home is your home” way too seriously. So stick around for they will never leave you out of any of their plans. Say goodbye to lonely nights because they’ll always be around.

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13. You can count on them

Capricorns are super responsible by nature. They associate everything with a careful approach and even though their wariness can get annoying at times, it only makes them easier to fall back on. They are firm on their word and will do everything in their power to stick to the commitments they made earlier.

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And so, if you ever befriend a Capricorn, make sure to keep them in your life forever! You won’t regret it, we promise. Tag your Cappy friends in the comments. Remember, the little things make their day.

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