13 Professions and Pakistan's Perceptions About Them

By Umair Mahmood | 20 Jun, 2015

Every profession does its part in creating a vibrant and successful society. Due to how they’re presented in popular culture, Pakistanis have developed certain perceptions about some professions (and not all of them are true).


1. Lawyers

Liars. The majority of Pakistanis believe that all lawyers can do is lie.

Source: Giphy


2. Doctors

Known to serve the humanity for decades. This is a noble profession and first preference for a rishta.

Source: Reddit


3. Software Engineers

Somehow, people believe that software engineers are only good for fixing computers and don’t realize how software has been changing the way we live today.

Source: Giphy


4. Bankers

They make money off people’s problems and by charging high interest rates.

Source: Giphy


5. Musicians

Maraasi! Hard for them to make it big in Pakistan owing to lack of support from their families and deteriorating condition of the music industry in general.

Source: Cheezburger


6. Marketers

People responsible for the long breaks between television programs

Source: Gifbin


7. Businessmen

Karobaari loug. The ones who make it all happen. A lot of Pakistanis want to be businessmen…

Source: Giphy


8. Writers

This isn’t a career. And most Pakistanis think there is no career growth in this field.

Source: Giphy


9.  Fashion Designers

Really fancy tailors. No matter how many new designs they create, many Pakistanis will think of them as glorified tailors.

Source: Giphy


10. Teachers

People entrusted with changing the destiny of the nation through the power of a pen.

Source: Tumblr


11. Actors

Many consider them as people who have no shame and would do anything for money. And yet we continue to watch them on tv…

Source: Tumblr


12. Consultants

No one really has an idea as to what they exactly do. Except consultants that is.

Source: Tumblr


13. Psychologists

Good for nothing brain crackers.

Source: Giphy


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