9 New Pakistani Businesses To Watch Out For

By Umair Mahmood | 20 Jun, 2015

Pakistan is starting to see a new breed of companies with more and more millennials starting their own businesses. It’s an exciting time for the startup environment in Pakistan which has been on the rise recently. Our methodology in choosing these companies was the increasing popularity of all these businesses in a short span of time due to their unique and creative ideas. Here are 9 new Pakistani businesses to watch out for:


Source: Maro Tandoors

1. Company: Maro Tandoors

What They Do: A branded tandoor shop run by students of a private university  providing a variety of naans and rotis  to people. 

Why You Should Watch Out For Them: Maro Tandoors offers a variety of unique naans including nutella, pizza and cheese naan along with the more traditional beef, chicken and mutton naan. Their famous naans have lately been the talk of the town with people coming from far off places just to get a taste of their tandoor.


2. Company: WeddingGraphersSource: WeddingGraphers

What They Do: The business specializes in covering all wedding events including video coverage, family shoots, bridal shoots and portraits,  using the latest digital technology. The team comprises of students who decided to take their university course project in real time.

Why You Should Watch Out For Them: As CEO Aatik Tasneem said, “We capture moments not shots. Our every picture tells a story about the special occasion in great detail as we never compromise on quality.”

The team of five is determined to succeed by showcasing their work to the world and replace the concept of “huge wedding albums” with “personalized albums” of bride and groom and people close to the couple.

Need them? Just call at 0320-Wedding (9333464)


3. Company: Auto Genielogo-auto-genie-high-res

What They Do: Provide auto repair and maintenance services right at your doorstep!

Why You Should Watch Out For ThemThe business provides a host of impressive services including car wash, oil change, engine tuning, A/C service and even paying your traffic challans. Law breakers, here’s your genie!

Auto Genie even offers a membership in order to build a long-term relation so that vehicle owners do not have to go anywhere to get the vehicles fixed. Additionally, the team at Auto Genie will notify you anytime a maintenance is due, thus resolving all your problems.


4. Company: Here Cut11110883_1628874294011280_7636708793125432301_n

What They Do: Provide on-demand barber and grooming services right at your home.

Why You Should Watch Out For Them: You no longer need to go to barbers for a hair cut because, well, Here Cut will come to you! The use of a catchy name acts as useful marketing tool.  The business involves technology in order to make the process much faster for the customers.

Just post your job on the website, select the most suitable bid and you’re good to go. The business offers on-demand services which means convenience for its customers.


5. Company: Technician.pk11391723_453331781514561_4130822528620414495_n

What They Do: Technician.pk is Pakistan’s first online technical help provider.

Why You Should Watch Out For Them: It offers a simple and quick way to schedule repairs of your household appliances. Avoid the hassle of having to find a good repairmen because this business has got it all covered for you.  From general electric repairs to A/C repairs to CCTV security.


6. Company: King Kashmiri Tea10516869_602098843260481_9109277947422168762_n

What They Do: Provide Kashmiri pink tea in tea bags to consumers.

Why You Should Watch Out For Them: Obtaining Kashmiri tea easily and that too at home has been a problem for people. To solve this problem, King Kashmiri Tea has introduced the pink tea in tea bags so that people get to enjoy the same taste and color in less than two minutes. For all Kahmiri tea lovers, your prayers have been answered.


7.  Company: Patari


What They Do: Patari is a platform for discovering and streaming Pakistani music. Our very own Soundcloud!

Why You Should watch Out For Them: It offers you the chance to stream the songs you heard in your childhood. What’s more? You can even listen to songs according to your mood in an easy to use fun interface. It could revolutionize Pakistani music scene.

The service is strictly invite-only for now.


8. Company: Savaree 11059760_1608253346056015_3143309900349870597_n

What They Do: Savaree is an online carpooling application for people that caters to their carpooling, cab and pick and drop needs.

Why You Should Watch Out For Them: From enabling you to earn money while you are driving to meeting your cab, pick and drop needs, Savaree has got it all covered. What’s more? The rates are as low as 30 rupees per kilometer!

Okay, so I may be biased for including MangoBaaz in this list but we’re really trying to do something incredible! 

9. Company: MangoBaaz


What They Do: 
MangoBaaz is an online news, information and entertainment company. Their goal is to emulate companies such as BuzzFeed, Mashable and go beyond by catering to the entertainment starved young Pakistanis.

Why You Should Watch Out For Them: MangoBaaz’s uniqueness lies in its content. The venture explores all sides of Pakistan with catchy and easy to read articles in order to make the content go viral on social media platforms. The business takes a unique outlook on topics of interest to Pakistanis as well as world at large to keep its audience engaged.


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