13 Awkward Moments That Happen From The Very First Night When You Get Married

By Astarte | 9 Aug, 2019

First night married and awkwardness begins

A lot of very weird things happen during and after a Pakistani wedding. The first thing many of your single friends would ask is “are you getting married to get laid or what?” and then they will continue to ask weird questions or give you surprise condom packs until they are successful in making you feel suuuuuper awkward.

But, just as getting married is awkward the aftermath is somewhat worse. So, we compiled a list of weird/awkward things that happen when you or your friend gets married.


1. The dumb pranks that hinder your first night married people things

Source: Showcase Productions

Yes, I’m sure most of you are aware of the cliche alarm clock prank. Not cool guys!


2. The doodh pilaye¬†(it’s not cheap getting laid for a lifetime)

Source: Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions


3. The godh bithai rasam

(ab choote bhai ko bhi toh kuch mile)

Source: Oriental Films


4. The looks you keep getting from your friends and uncles during rukhsati 

(I mean, my bride is crying and you guys are winking, have you no shame?)

Source: Oriental Films


5. When you don’t have experience and go buy a condom for the first time

Source: The Naked Tyrants / YouTube


6. Your family is all sadqay jao over you and your bride the night after

first night blessings
Source: Dharma Productions


7. When people ask ‘If it was an arranged marriage, did you guys do it on the first night?’

(only close friends ask this)

Source: Oriental Films


8. Girls¬†are asked ‘did it hurt? did you like it?’

(obviously by their friends at least I hope only by their friends)

Source: Oriental Films


9. If you’re ever late to a hang-out plan, your friends ask you if y’all were “busy”…


Source: Josh / YouTube


10. You get fat really quickly (not because of pregnancy, just a lot of dinners)

Source: Oriental Films


11. People keep asking you ‘khushkhabri¬†kab douge?’

Source: IRK Films


12. Girls asking the bride about the size…

(not cool ladies)

Source: IRK Films


13. When people keep asking if there’s a problem because it’s been 2 months and your wife’s not pregnant

Source: IRK Films


Well, I guess that’s all folks. Getting married is a big step in one’s life and as you embark on the beautiful journey, there’s no harm in having a little fun along the way. *wink wink*.

If you guys can think up of more awkward things that happen that aren’t mentioned above, do tell us in the comments and good luck with your awkward shaadi moments.


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