11 Types Of Friends You've DEFINITELY Made In College

By MangoBaaz Studio | 4 Oct, 2019

The friends in college you make – terhay or seedhay – are the ones you never truly forget.

You never really forget your time in college. In those few years, you meet a lot of people and make numerous friends. You meet all kinds of people – some suljhay hue and some who are very terha. But hey, that’s what life is all about; never knowing where you’ll end up and who you’re going to meet, but you know the bond lasts a lifetime. Here are some types of friends that will definitely seem familiar to you and put a smile on your face.

1. The mom friend

Source: Kurkure Pakistan / YouTube

We all have that one mom friend who takes care of everyone and is the one in charge. And the thing is, no one has ever said that they are in charge, but they just assume the responsibility on their own. And before you know it, they’re always the one slicing up and serving the cake on birthdays and dividing and collecting the bill at hangouts! More than anything, this friend is always there for you, comforting you and giving you unconditional love – tough or otherwise.

2. The parhakoo friend

Source: MangoBaaz

This friend will get on your nerves when they promise you that they haven’t studied a word but somehow end up getting the highest marks. But come finals season, they will be your saving grace as they give you a one-day crash course on the material a day before the exam!

3. The terha friend

Source: Kurkure Pakistan / YouTube

This friend has the wackiest ideas but they somehow always work? This friend will think of jugaars no normal mind can think of. And pulls off tricks that no one else could have. From improvising dance moves at a mehndi to coming up with crazy ideas for class projects; they manage to not only get away with their schemes but also get applauded for it! If you have fun or get into crazy situations that get wild, you know you have this terha friend to thank.

4. The rangeen friend

This friend will know every single party happening in the entire college. They know how to rock it out on the dance floor when the beat drops and how to break the ice with anyone they meet. They are the life of the party and their Instagram stories are just videos of one party after another.

5. The topi master

Source: ARY Films

While the lines between the terha friend and the topi master tend to get blurred, this friend is the one that’s known to be kinda flaky. This friend is the master of all topis, You will never meet them off campus even when you make plans because something or the other happens. Their excuses are well crafted and you will never catch them slipping even when you try. From a distant relative suddenly passing away to ami needing the car last minute; they have an excuse to get out of every single plan.

6. The woke friend

Source: Hum TV Network

We all have that one friend who stands up for the things they believe in. They’ll be the first to raise their voice for the oppressed, the first at a social issue protest and the first one to inform you about a new movement. You’re glad to have this friend in your life because they not only engage and inform you, they make this world a better, safer place for everyone.

7. The awaami dost

Source: ARY Films

This person is literally friends with everyone in college. Walking with them means you have to stop after every few steps because they run into someone they know and salam-dua shuru hojati hai. They go to every hangout and get 10 different surprises for their birthday. No one knows where they get the time to study while maintaining their social life.

8. The gossip ki dukaan

Source: Logos Media

This friend knows everyone’s business. And when you sit with them you not only get to find out who got dumped by whom but you also somehow find out details about the private life of your instructors. This friend has the type of knowledge about everyone that makes you think they somehow have access to everyone’s personal diaries.

9. The dil-phaink aashiq friends in college

Source: MangoBaaz

This friend falls in love with someone new every single semester. And every time, they swear that this person is their soulmate. Yet, every time, they’re somehow wrong. You’ve heard their dukhray more than a hundred times about how it didn’t work out but you know pretty soon they’ll be telling you about their new soulmate, so you’re not too worried.

10. The spoilt friends in college

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This friend will have an issue with going to cheap local restaurants because they’re ‘unhygienic’. And you can’t exactly leave them out because they’re the only ones with a car and would be taking everyone with them. They have a lot of nakhray but it’s okay, you tolerate them because otherwise, you’ll have no means of transport.

11. The one-upper friends in college

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This friend will never be impressed with anything or anyone. They have seen or done better on their own. Your dad gave you his old Mehran? Big deal, their dad just bought them the latest Corolla. You’ve got an internship at your dream workplace? So what? They already did the same internship a year ago. Yeah, there’s no pleasing this one.

Anyway, there are many types of people you’ll meet throughout your college life, and some friendships are the ones that last and are worth cherishing. Did we miss any friends? Let us know in the comments below if we did.

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