11 Times Pakistani Actresses Gave The Best Dramatic Performances That Left Us Speechless

By Iman Zia | 14 Mar, 2019

Our contemporary Pakistani actresses have proven themselves time and time again with their tremendous capabilities to rise indescribable awe and wonderment, and while these fine women have torn us time and time again with their unflinching brilliance to depict a character in all its splendour, it’s the insufferable, devastating moments of pain or wrath that truly blinded me – because they were just so well done!

Here are 11 of my favourite, emphatic and dramatic moments in dramas when these actresses simply nailed with their dignified yet heart-wrenching acting.

1. Kubra Khan as Shireen seeing Aurang for the first time after spending their childhood apart in ‘Sang-E-Mar Mar’

This rendezvous is incomplete and excruciating. A few words are tossed here and there, and before Shiri can say anything, Aurang is beckoned by nearby passersby. Shiri breaks down immediately after she closes the gate – an influx of drowning emotions suffocates someone who just saw their love after what feels like a lifetime.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


2. Iqra Aziz as Heer when she’s getting married a second time after her secret nikkah, in ‘Qurban’

Breaking down on-screen doesn’t always have to be overly dramatic – and Iqra Aziz breaks our hearts in the most effortless manner when her character is having an arranged nikkah, when she’s already married to the love of her life, Jamil.

The Nikkah Scene From Drama Qurban Was Heartbreaking

Heer agreeing to Shahmeer despite being in love with Jamal was an aching moment on drama 'Qurban.' 😔

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3. Sajal Aly as Zubia in ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ when her mother is killed by her abusive father

Sajal’s character Zubia comes from a small background, where she is forced into the shadows time and time again, and has no one to turn to. The horrific moment we see Zubia’s mother die after having seen her own father beat them

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


4. Saba Qamar as Mannat from ‘Cheekh’ when she is adamant on doing the right thing and bringing her best friend’s abuser to justice

Saba truly is one of the most versatile actresses we have, and after her acclaimed role in ‘Baaghi,’ the actress raised the bar for all her contemporaries. A year later, we see Saba as Mannat, a very down-to-earth girl from a rich family who does not let any difference in class or customs come in the way of true friendship – in this scene, she questions her controversial elder brother-in-law for staying silent after her best friend is abused by someone they know.

Source: ARY Digital


5. Mehwish Hayat as Anmol from ‘Dil Lagi’ whereby she demanded her own rights and said “Mein toh akeli theen ki barabar hoon”

Anmol, played by Mehwish Hayat drove me mad, and by mad I mean the good kind of madShe settled for nothing that was remotely mediocre and grappled each day with the liberating ‘carpe diem’ slogan soaring above her. I’m watching Anmol kick ass and all I can see is her face in Eugene Delacroix’s ‘Liberty Leading the People.’

Source: Six Sigma Plus


6. Iqra Aziz as Jia when she breaks down after constant allegations made by her own family members in ‘Suno Chanda’

There are many reasons why ‘Suno Chanda’ was such a hit, and while its comedy was its main catch, intimate, more painful moments unfurled whereby you managed to laugh and bawl your eyes out at the same time. One scene I recall and must give due credit to Iqra for handling a primarily misanthropic female protagonist and turning her into, well someone very, very relatable; she’s had enough of all the allegations her family members throw at her – BUT remarkably she doesn’t fight back…instead she breaks down and has truly unravelled her shell.

Source: MD Productions


7. Sanam Saeed in ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ as Kashaf, when she fears what her husband might think once he finds out she’s having girls

Kashaf always despised the thought of having a husband, but after she fell in love with Zaroon, she is still strong yet we all at times let our insecurities get the best of us. We’re only human and Kashaf at one point fears that Zaroon will leave her once he finds out that they’re having female twins. We see Kashaf in one of her most vulnerable moments, only making her all the more human – and real.

Source: MD Productions
Source: MD Productions


8. Sanam Baloch in Dastaan as Bano, demanding her own rights of which political party to side with during the peak of partition

Bano’s resilience is incredible, and her inevitable deterioration is heartbreaking to witness. A pillar of strength, to see Bano journey from a frivolous and simple girl to someone who has mustered enough courage to wake up the next day and plough on through is both admirable and disturbing; admirable because very few can brave such storms, and disturbing because fate can be so ruthless at times to some – when it rains it truly pours. She has decided she’s had enough of being pushed around and demands equality in a brilliant tirade in front of her entire family!

Source: MD Productions


9. Mahira Khan as Khirad in ‘Humsafar’ when she is kicked out of her own house

Mahira is our drama queen, there isn’t denying it, and while Humsafar allowed Khirad’s stance from a voiceless young girl change into a single mother who became a valliant pillar of strength – it’s this aching scene where Ashar is so blinded by lies that really made me go WOW at Mahira!


10. Saba Qamar as the loosely based character based off Qandeel Baloch, when she reacts to a business meeting with a social contact who tries to harass her

This is a fantastic moment in the drama whereby we get to see a woman stand her ground after she feels violated; the character is instantly put off after a business meeting goes rancid, and the guest tries to continually harass her – first with verbal cues, then a gradual progression of physical change while Saba’s character becomes all the more uncomfortable. Her lashing out is fabulous and truly left me in shock as to how naturally she did it! Bravo!

Source: Urdu 1


11. Mahira Khan as Saba in ‘Bin Roye’  the moment it hits her that the love of her life has gotten married to someone else

I think Mahira has definitely proven herself the quintessential drama star on telly, be it in more quieter roles that do not insist much presence – but another famous scene that I must wrap up with is the pivotal moment the innocent Saba witnesses Irtiza get married to his cousin, Bano.


What has been your most favorite scene of a Pakistani actress?


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