Stuck At Home? Here Are 11 Things You Should Definitely Try

By Fiza Shafiq | 28 Sep, 2021

It seems like we’ve been stuck at home forever, nahi? Now, while we agree that the switch from your daily everyday life to never-ending indoors can be jarring and you might be dreading going through it again, here are some tips that can help relax your mind and make you energized all over again.

1. Self-care while you’re stuck at home

Loving yourself comes in different ways; from skincare to getting in shape, from organizing your thoughts in a journal or putting an effort to learn a new language, you’re just taking out some time for yourself which you truly deserve. Whatever self-care means to you, do it. Figure out a diet plan, eat healthy, invest in a skincare routine, or if nothing, go out for a walk and get some damn fresh air!


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2. Get green-fingered

I bet most of us have not watered plants since childhood, but now is the time! If you are lucky enough to have a balcony full of plants or a garden/lawn take advantage of its soothing gardening properties. I mean who wouldn’t love planting aloe vera for their skin or herbs as a ready-made garnish for all the lovely meals you’ll be eating.

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3. Become your own master chef while you’re stuck at home

Perhaps you’re the salt bae of your own family or maybe you set off the fire alarm just by cooking some noodles. Either way, now is the great time to master your cooking skills by expanding your range of meals with an array of recipe books at your disposal.

Head over to YouTube/Instagram and take advantage of all the cooking experts you find. You can even go to your mom if everything else feels confusing – a chance of learning new recipes and that too with some quality time with her, what a combo!

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4. Be a part of the multilingual gang

No one’s asking you to be an expert in French or Spanish by this whole being stuck at home situation ends, but learning the basics of it by taking advantage of apps is always a plus. It not only makes you smarter and gives you an edge over other students, but also adds great value to your resume.

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5. Take a break 

Lastly, be it the internet, work from home, or online classes going on, take a break! I mean, hosting Zoom meetings and creating TikTok videos seems fun at first but it inevitably gets tiring and exhausting at one point right?

If you start to feel like being constantly connected to the world through the internet, or being productive 24/7 is making you drained, know that it’s time for a break before it takes a toll on your mental health! A day away from everything while soaked up in a mask and in your daily pajamas along with Netflix can really help you de-stress and relax.

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6. Switch to healthy eating while you’re stuck at home

We really need to take advantage of our kitchens now that we are forced to eat home-cooked meals instead of ordering from outside. YouTube some healthy morning snacks such as acai bowls that even look beautiful! You can increase your water intake, and start to boost your immunity. After all, ghar ka khana is always ghar ka khana. Yum!

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7. Deep clean everything

Do you really want or wear all the clothes slipping out of your wardrobe like a hurricane? Or do you really want to re-read all those books you read as a kid? DONATE! Rearrange your whole room and buy those new decor pieces you’ve been looking at on Instagram all day.

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8. Add something to your CV while you’re stuck at home

Now is the BEST time to apply for summer internships that would look great on your CV! Not only this, it helps you to learn a lot and gain so many skills. I mean, who knows you might be an entirely different person after this experience?

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9. Start a blog

Ever wondered how is it to have a special group of people as your audience? It’s great, especially if you have some hobbies, skills, or stories to share with them! If something you LOVE doing is trending, why not set up a blog to share your passions? You can even send us your written articles and MangoBaaz would be delighted to share them!

10. Organize your old photos

Are you guilty of having many photos left in your drawer? Get nostalgic, arrange, organize, and even hang them on the walls! I mean, taking a trip down memory lane is a perfect way to put a smile on everyone’s face especially in these hard times.

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11. Create your own bucket list

This may seem never-ending but don’t lose hope, stay positive and look ahead to the sunnier days by creating a bucket list. Start by exploring our own country, Karachi ka beach, Kashmir ke pahar, and Hunza ki waadiyan are places everyone should visit once in their life.

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Hope this helps! Let us know what you opt for.


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