11 Of The Funniest Jokes Pakistanis Are Making About The Fawad Chaudhary And Mufti Muneeb Phadda

By Sajeer Shaikh | 23 May, 2020

Pakistanis can’t handle the phadda between Fawad Chaudhary and Mufti Muneeb, so they’ve taken to making memes and jokes.

It’s that time of the year again. Once more, we find ourselves at this crossroads – a path that forks two different ways – and we’re confused as to whether the one less traveled is truly worth it.

Thora zyada hogaya, but let’s recap.

Earlier today, Fawad Chaudhary announced that Eid will be on Sunday. 

Now, here’s how Eid works. The Ruet-e-Hilal Committee gathers with its observatory gear to sight the moon. Almost always, some parts of the country celebrate Eid on one day, and the other parts celebrate it separately.

Once Fawad Chaudhary made this announcement, there was only one thing to look forward to – Mufti Muneeb’s response

Given that people are already expecting this phadda, they’ve taken to social media to make memes on the matter. And honestly, God bless memes. They’re really getting us through these harsh times.

1. Some people memed the moon itself

2. Others took a WWE route with the phadda between Fawad Chaudhary and Mufti Muneeb

3. Some people wondered what Satan was up to

4. Others talked about a whole another topic altogether


5. Momin Saqib’s legendary meme was called upon to sum up the situation

6. Others prepped for the dangal

7. Some people speculated what Fawad Chaudhary and Mufti Muneeb would discuss

8. Others talked about the moon once again

9. Seriously, lots of moon memes

10. Mufti Muneeb fans also weighed in

11. And a popular meme format was utilized brilliantly

As one of my colleagues appropriately put it: to Eid or not to Eid, that is the question. What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments.


Fawad Chaudhary Declared That Eid Ul Fitr Is Tomorrow And People Think Phadda Hone Wala Hai



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