11 Lighthearted TV Shows To Follow When Your Brain Just Can't Take Too Much Drama

By Iman Zia | 19 Mar, 2019

Investing time into a television show can be awfully tedious; it feels like you’re selling your soul as you transcend your telly screen and attach yourself to everything about the show and wallowing in the characters’ arcs. It’s quite draining really, especially if your busy schedule can’t handle the stress of missing ten seconds of it (where you might as well just give up watching it all together) and you constantly feel like it’s added immense pressure onto your already mounting schedule! Well, we have a list of shows just for you that’ll ease the pressure up – you can miss the odd one or two episodes and still go back…


1. Suno Chanda

One of the best dramas to ever grace Pakistani television, each ‘Suno Chanda’ episode is around 30 minutes long and is a delightful allrounder with tears and laughter! The drama keys in on a dysfunctional family with a lot of baggage and was honestly the best thing getting me through the heat-soaked Ramazan! 

Source: MD Productions


2. Queer Eye

Queer Eye just keeps winning hearts, and after taking home an Emmy for ‘Outstanding Structured Reality Program,’ the brilliant show had a monumental rating peak when their third season was dropped on Friday on Netflix. Following five gay men (collectively known as the ‘Fab 5’), the reality show centres around various people who have been ‘nominated’ by loved ones to undergo a makeover (and by the makeover, we mean an all-out redo on their lives). It’s both beautiful and heartbreaking, and you can’t help fall in love with the ‘Fab 5’ who bring out the best in you.

Source: Variety.com


3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This truly LOL show is remarkable and will have you addicted from the very beginning. The Emmy award nominated comedy’s unique and rather odd nature is what quickly lures you in, along with an adorable and unwaveringly hilarious main cast.

Source: Netflix


4. Luther

Okay, yes this is not your average comedy, but you can still hop in and out of criminal show ‘Luther’ with great ease because each episode is fixated on an overarching mission for policeman Idris Elba. You won’t be tied down in a bid to follow the show with great scrutiny, and if you’re not much of a comedy-viewer, then this is the perfect dose of some exciting and gripping streaming.


Source: BBC


5. Zindagi Gulzar Hai

‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai,’ might be pretty old, yet it still resonates highly with almost every drama aficionado these days because of the timelessness it harbours. It’s very slow paced, and easily rewatchable too if you’re looking for a drifty watch to get you to the weekend.

Source: MD Productions


6. The Office

An alright laughter fest, ‘The Office’ brings about fantastic comedy, no matter what episode you’re on. The show put Steve Carell on the map as he manifested into television’s most loved character, the erratic and crazy Michael Scott. During university, this was the show I would often watch, in between all the chaos and readings and general uni mess, and now when I’m often drowning in work but need a wee break – The Office is the one show I always go to.

Source: NBC



7. Bulbulay

Before “Suno Chanda,’ there was ‘Bulbulay!‘ I know I speak for most when I reminisce about ‘Bulbulay’ being THE pinnacle of Pakistani humour, what with the crackling chemistry between the crazy Momo and Mehmood saab or how each episode was an adventure on its own accord! Also, it has at least a gazillion number of episodes, so you really don’t have to cherry pick at all.

Source: ARY Digital


8. Aunn Zara

‘Aunn Zara’ was another slapstick Pakistani comedy to dive into. Starring Maya Ali and Osman Khalid Butt, the show projects a hilarious take on our shaadi culture.

Source: Oriental Films


9. Parks And Recreation

The stellar writers of ‘The Office’ brought forth another gem; think ‘The Office’ but in the US Government’s ‘Parks And Recreation’ sector. Amy Poehler gives her absolute best as a female kooky Michael Scott as she attempts to lead an odd team of misfits to actually care about their job. It’s witty, rib-tickling and will also tug at a few strings because it’s got a heart.

Source: NBC


10. Riverdale

I’ll be very honest, I used to follow ‘Riverdale’ but then left it after I got a little busy. However, when I relatched myself onto it mid-season, I found that little has changed – I’m now precariously following it because it’s honestly aesthetically so pleasing and the cast is just so addictive to watch! I might not entirely intune with the plot, but it’s still incredibly fun.

Source: Netflix


11. The Great British Bake Off

This is by far one of the best reality television shows in history – it’s seriously addictive, but it’s just as carefree as it is compulsive. Oh, and it’s British – so like, double whammy right there.

Source: Love Productions


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