11 Incredibly Relatable Indian Web Series To Watch If You Love Pakistani Dramas

By Iman Zia | 18 Dec, 2017

Indian web series have been the more hushed go-to for Indian fans looking for a few breaths of fresh air, what with mindless¬†masala¬†films that precariously ride box office results and with Indian dramas that are honestly so OTT (and very painful to watch). With such mediums, you can’t get any emotional substance filling your voids, you simply can’t – however, there is a flourishing third medium full of entirely content-driven Indian web series that are wholeheartedly relatable, brilliantly scripted and incredibly realistic. These web series will make you come to a startling realization; it’s okay if you’re in your 20s and have NO idea what you’re doing in life.

So if you love Pakistani dramas, the realism and raw essence these Indian web series hold will blow your mind and get you hooked – and they’re all available online in the comfort of your home!


‘The Trip’

Lisa Haydon proves how versatile she is with her splendid acting as part of a girl group who are off on a bachelorette road trip full of adventures. They’ve got their own closets full of skeletons dragging along, and with four best friends, the trip is all about self discovery as they find out who they are.


‘Little Things’

The series sheds light on a young couple in love, with a tangible rom-com angle about what it takes to stand the test of time. It’s incredibly heartwarming, and is light, but with a heavy heart as we’re plunged into the lives of two souls who honestly have NO idea what they’re doing.


‘Love Shots’

Starring the dazzling Nimrat Kaur (of ‘The Lunchbox’ fame opposite Irrfan Khan), ‘Love Shots’ is a compilation of six short films that project the honest tribulations about love in the more unconventional¬†manner. It’s from ‘Y-films’ too (the subset of mogul ‘Yash Raj Films) and describes the more tender side of love relays.



‘Tripling’ is a show about three siblings, Chandan, Chancal, and Chitvan who embark on a road trip as they fight their own demons. Their struggles are real, as are their characters who you can’t help fall for, and if you’ve got a few siblings of your own, then you’ll be plunged into the ‘relatable’ realm faster than you can say ‘Tripling.’


Bang Baaja Baarat’

Banking on the critical success of hit film ‘Band Baaja Baarat,’¬†this web series by ‘Y-Films’ has created a hilarious documentation of what happens when two people fall in love from very, very different social backgrounds. Think of ‘2 States,’¬†¬†but so much better. When the families meet, that’s when things get really tough for the couple – and if you’re thinking of marrying someone your parents might not take well to, then this series will give you inspiration on how to plow on through.



Tamil series¬†Livin’ is about a couple who move in together, all while dealing with obstacles that hinder their lives. It’s a bold and incredibly palpable take on what goes wrong if you don’t think things through with your significant other in your bid to revolt. It’s Tamil, yes but it’s mostly in English and has subtitles too.



This touching tale about three Delhi university students who start a midnight food delivery service is addictive. It’s hilarious, and follows the trials of these three funny students in a gobsmackingly entertaining tale of all they have to go through to keep this show going.



‘Permanent Roommates’

This rugged story is about a young couple¬†who move in together after being in a long-distance relationship. While relationships might be tough, marriage is even tougher, and the two decide to move in first before they wed. It’s raw, crisp and very real. If you’re looking for a haven of rules to abide by (and if your life is a wee bit of a mess), then this is the drama for you.



Inside Edge’

This Indian web series has garnered overwhelming acclaim from both critics and audiences who have lauded the acting, storyline and the brilliant take on politics, cricket, and scandal. Starring Vivek Oberoi and Richa Chadda, two stars who really give it their all, this Amazon Prime show will be your next obsession. A thrilling show indeed!


‘Girl In The City’

This fantastic series is about Meera, a girl hailing from a humble background who moves to Mumbai from the rural Dehradun to make her dreams come true. The prelude might be what we’ve seen before, but my goodness does this story unfold so marvelously. With new loves, friendships and hardships, Meera’s life is so relatable, it’ll feel like you’re watching your own tribulations unravel.



It isn’t easy getting into a business together, and this drama revolves around the struggle of to hearty boys who begin a start-up. Success isn’t easy, and it’s a far cry from the boys who spend time trying to make it big, all the while struggling with life and loss. Also, the soundtrack is AMAZING, and the series has already been pitched as one of the finest series to come out.


So we’ve got you covered for the next month or so, along with Pakistani dramas. You’re welcome!

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