11 Hair Problems Girls In Hijab Can 100% Relate To

By MangoBaaz Studio | 13 May, 2018

As someone who has been wearing a hijab for more than 8 years, I can tell you that the hair under those beautiful scarves is not as beautiful as people assume—though some people also think I don’t have hair AT ALL, but that’s also not the case just btw. People think a hijabi’s life is just so easy—no worrying about hair or hairstyles, but only we hijabis know that it’s not all unicorns and butterflies.

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Wearing a hijab has some effects on your hair and it is not something people usually talk about, especially in this garmi. Good thing Sunsilk Fig and Mint is the perfect fix for the summer in Hijab werna tou scene aur bhi off tha. Here are some of the hijabi hair problems that are too real and that you can definitely relate to if you wear a hijab regularly like I do!


1. Hair becomes as flat as a pancake

We have all heard of helmet hair, but there is hijab hair too! Wearing a hijab all day and constantly having your hair tied back for years means that your hair has zero volume up now. And, if you wear a hijab on wet tied hair, the hair glues pretty much on your scalp and gives you a look that’s flattering on NO ONE!

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2. You get so much dandruff that people would think it snowed

Dandruff and my scalp have become best friends now. The lack of air that our scalp gets means that, in the summer especially, there is a lot of dandruff in the hair. The sweat and the moisture in the scalp results in this huge amount of dandruff and you can’t just help it!

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3. The scalp become so itchy that you can’t stop scratching

With such a bad dandruff, you can expect nothing other than a super itchy scalp and a wish to take a rake to your head. The real trouble starts when you feel like scratching furiously in a public space but can’t because people might think you are hiding a houseful of nits and lice under that cloth on your head. So, you sneak into a corner, give some side glances to assure nobody is watching you and satisfy that itching feeling to some extent.

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4. Hair gets greasy really quick

Wearing a hijab all day or for long periods also gets the hair greasy really quickly. Some people might not have this problem but my scalp gets greasy on the same day I wash my hair but the good thing is my hijab covers them so no one finds out!

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5. On the other hand, some hijabis might have the problem of dry hair

While some people’s hair become greasy, some might face the problem of dry hair as a result of lack of air that your hair gets.

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6. Hair falls like leaves fall from the tree in autumn

Whether it is because of dandruff or because of tying the hair tightly, this problem is faced by most hijabis. When you have to wear hijab for longer periods, you have no other option but to tightly tie your hair so that the hijab stays in place. The result? Loss of a lot of your precious hair regularly. Sunsilk Anti-breakage has been miraculous to fix this else mein tou ganji hee hojati.

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7. Your hair starts thinning because of constant hair loss and you feel like you will go bald soon

Since your hair falls regularly, hair thinning is the ultimate outcome and you feel like you will go bald in no time if you don’t take proper care. Not a good sight, isn’t it?

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8. You might also face the problem of receding hairline if you tie your hair too tightly to keep your hijab in place

This is something that hijabis who tie their hair really tightly face and it is becoming quite a common problem now. OK this can be avoided by loosening the hair up a bit but those hijab styles with a tight bun look too good, isn’t it?

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9. Your hair may also become dull

While exposure to sun and dry air are usually the reasons behind getting dull hair, for hijabis blow-drying on a regular basis so that you don’t have to wear a hijab on wet hair may lead to dull hair.

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10. And sometimes, they may become rough too

Again the use of a lot of hair dryer can take away the moisture from your hair and damage their structure, thereby making them rough and brittle.

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11. Your hair might get damaged overall because of wearing Hijab for longer periods and not taking proper care of your hair

Ohkay so, hair damage might happen to anyone and might not be because of the hijab. In fact, most of the problems above might happen to anyone not wearing hijab too but the probability of having them just increases because of keeping your hair covered for longer periods regularly. If you have dry hair that gets rubbed against hijab fabrics continuously, the hair can break off from the friction and might cause split ends.

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Saying all this about the struggles and problems, this does not mean that I regret wearing my hijab for a single bit. It is a part of me and I am sure most of the hijabis feel the same. As for your hair, now there’s no need to let those hair problems remain covered. Instead of neglecting your hair because they are not visible to anyone, proper hair care is needed to avoid these problems. (Brand name) has introduced this new formula especially for hijabis keeping in consideration their hair problems so that they can rock the best hijab look without any worries.

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Are you a hijabi? Which one is the most tiring hair problem for you? Also, tag any hijabis you know.

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