Here's How You May Deal With Dil Ka Dard After A Breakup, According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Maha Butt | 29 Sep, 2018

It’s always sad when a relationship comes to an end. Some may feel excruciating pain – as if their heart has been ripped out. Yet some may accept their fate and deal with the breakup in quite an optimistic way. Here’s how each zodiac sign tends to deal with a breakup.


1. Aries


Once a relationship ends for an Aries, it’s over for good. Btw, they are usually the ones that may initiate a split. An Aries wouldn’t care much and burn the memories of an ex. They’d rather occupy themselves in work. They’d meet new people during this time because they prefer not to be alone. Moreover, they’ll work towards their goals with more vigor and determination just to be better than their exes. A breakup for them is chance for competition to become the best.


2. Taurus


Taurus folks despise change and may fight too long for a relationship. But when it ends finally, they are resolute. Life for Taureans post-breakup involves the regular routine which they use to curb the crippling pain. They wait for the hurtful times to pass as time heals the worst wounds. A Taurus would deeply think about all the events which led to a breakup, sometimes even sobbing about what went wrong. It definitely takes them a hell lot of time to heal.


3. Gemini


Geminis use their clever tactics to blame the entire breakup scenario on their ex. There may be two personalities of a Gemini during a breakup. Either they will communicate or ghost out to avoid any confrontation.  Geminis for sure can’t stay alone during this time. Their behavior can go pretty absurd such as laughing whilst actually feeling the need to cry or calling up an ex, way past midnight. A breakup turns them into an emotional mess. So they deal with it by cracking jokes and laughing at themselves. Being the well-known social butterfly, Geminis might add flavor to the breakup story and turning it into a sad yet hilarious tale when meeting friends. Geminis can be friends with an ex.


4. Cancer

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It already takes time for Cancerians to trust and commit to a relationship in the first place. So giving up on a relationship is something they won’t do. Cancerians can be extremely clingy and won’t initiate the breakup in the first place, not allowing space to their partners. Cancerians, when feeling heartbroken, might defame their ex and hold no-contact rules just to let go of them. They might make themselves cry or sit with eyes closed reminiscing the old memories. Post-breakup, Cancerians certainly depend on their friends to nurture them with love and support.


5. Leo

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Leos are romantic and love the idea of love. But when they notice a relationship is not blooming they themselves will dump their partner just to protect their pride. They usually bounce back from a breakup. If someone dumps a Leo, their initial reaction is being rather shocked that how could someone fall out of love with them. The breakup can be a heart-wrenching experience and they too depend on friends for support. The pain they face is real but the resilience of Leos helps them come out of grief.


6. Virgo

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Virgos may simply move out of their relationship without even informing partners. They may usually do this to avoid any conflict or confrontation. When a conversation with their partner cannot be avoided they apologize and take the blame on themselves. When their partner surprisingly breaks up with them, they find it difficult to absorb this reality. They would present arguments on how their past relationships were perfect. Virgos can be cynical about breakups and relationships. Relationships for them are just too much work.


7. Libra

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Libras believe in “let’s continue to be friends”. The sign stands for peace and harmony. When their partner breaks up with them, they make sure things don’t end on rigid terms. If they had a choice they won’t necessarily break up with a person but rather take a break from the relationship. Libras care about their reputation and the impression others carry about them.


8. Scorpio

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Scorpios have a difficult time letting go of their ended relationship. Whether the relationship was healthy or toxic, Scorpios face the issues of abandonment. Not only that, Scorpios may obsess over their breakup and ex. They may follow their ex on social media mysteriously. Their dark emotions can be a wee bit scary.


9. Sagittarius

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Sagittarians want freedom in a relationship and when that gets hampered they tend to move out. For them moving on is as easy if the relationship never existed at first. They may usually not talk about the breakup believing that’s what they subconsciously wanted. But they behave totally the opposite when someone dumps them. Their ego or impulse will force them to reclaim their exes love.


10. Capricorn

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Capricorns are determined not to show any feelings when something happens to make them not so emotional. They believe in nurturing long-term relationships but if it’s not working they simply set aside and walk away. Instead of remaining dubious and fooling themselves, they accept the reality. They wouldn’t ever convince an ex to stick to them if he or she isn’t interested. Heartbreak for them is a factual reality one may face in life.


11. Aquarius

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Aquarians may remain aloof during a breakup. They might analyze the success and failure of their relationship just like a project supporting it by theories. Use of this approach may depict their dispassionate yet disinterested self but unfortunately, this is how they cope. Even though they express emotions in a weird manner but they need support from loved ones to heal.


12. Pisces


A Pisces can – ahem – be a bit “obsessive” and intense. Post-breakup time, be it a day or year means the same to them. They know who their exes are meeting, what is happening in their lives and also careers. A Pisces perfectly plays the victim and can be the most emotionally blackmailing zodiac sign. They will use the sympathies of an ex but may also be genuinely sorry for their misdoings.


Are you dealing with a breakup? Is this how you behave during this tough time? Did we nail your ex’s behavior? Let us know if you were able to relate.


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