Zayn Malik Literally Wiped His Instagram Clean And Honestly WTF?

By Sarah Babar | 8 Apr, 2018

Uhhh you guys, something really strange has been happening, over the last 12 hours, with everyone’s favorite desi kid, Zayn Malik.


After his recent break up with Gigi Hadid




The guy keeps surprising us one way or the other




Like remember that black rose tattoo that he got after his break up with Gigi Hadid?




Or dyeing his hair completely white?

Source: @zaynst4n / Twitter



So most recently, he had totally wiped his Instagram clean

Source: @zaynmalik / Instagram




Like nothing, at all, whatsoever

Source: @zaynmalik / Instagram




And then he uploads one single video, a teaser for his upcoming music video




And we’re not the only ones who have noticed that something’s off with his Instagram

Source: @shehrishhafiz / Twitter



People were questioning Zayn himself over his actions

Source: @faizan55285721 / Twitter



And didn’t stop asking him

Source: @zack52062380 / Twitter



People were slightly reassured that life as they knew was not, in fact, over because of the video that Zayn uploaded

Source: @laura31754810 / Twitter



But they were still pretty heartbroken about it

Source: @ii_riya / Twitter



Some didn’t know how to process the news

Source: @jacobstaubin / Twitter



And some had really realllyyy sincere advice for him

Source: @tassy_zjm / Twitter



And some were quite prophetic with their tweets

Source: @louisfeatperrie / Twitter



While there were those who were going to hold Zayn accountable for what he did



There were those who promised him that they would stand by him no matter what, Zayn ke apne lafzoun mein

Source: @miriamhv2 / Twitter


Honestly, Zayn bhai, scene kya hai? Stop giving us these minor heart attacks. What do you think of Zayn’s latest actions? Let us know in the comments below. Till then, take it easy Zayn. Okay byeee ~



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