Zara Noor Abbas And Asad Siddiqui's First Photoshoot Is So Adorable You Won't Stop Saying ‘Aww'

By Sarah Babar | 3 Jan, 2018

Pakistani actors Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui just tied the knot. And the internet has literally just gone crazy over the sheer cuteness that these two have brought into this world, by coming together. While the news of their shaadi went absolutely viral, we just caught our hands on their latest photoshoot, as Mr and Mrs. The photoshoot appeared in Good Times magazine, and since then, the pictures have been circulating on social media. The pictures are a concoction of adorable, fiery and just straight up hot. So here they are, to set our screens on fire


Look at just how cute they are together


While talking to MangoBaaz, Zara had the niiicest things to say about Asad. She said that whenever she is around Asad, she feels like she’s on a vacation. That she has never felt this liberated and free in her life, as she does with Asad.


And Asad evidently cannot keep his eyes off of Zara Noor


Asad, on the other hand, was not just overwhelmed by the love Zara was showing towards him, but also said things that melted our hearts. He already knew everything but every time she proclaims her love for him, it feels like the first time and refreshes all of him and both of them.


Or maybe her hair just smells really nice


They said that they don’t need the world because they find it within each other


But just look at the amount of love oozing out of this picture


Asad claimed that Zara is his fortune and his lady luck


Ugh, just look at how simply in love they are, matlab mujhey rona aa raha hai


They are all set and super excited to start this journey with each other, and we can’t wait to get hear more from the couple


Things are getting hooooot in here


The two are also extremely proud of being cheesy with each other. Because, well, it’s ADORABLE.


Even when they are not looking at each other, we’re pretty sure they’re looking at each other in the reflection in the lens okay I’m done


All we can say, right now, is MashaAllah…


And lastly, just this over the top adorable picture of Zara and Asad as a testament to how much they love each other


They also said that the two are writing a history of their own, and that they have already set out on that journey by taking the first step and coming together


We wish Zara Noor and Asad aaalll the best for the future. And for them to go a little easy on us, when it comes to photo shoots like these. What do you think of the couple’s latest pictures? Let us know in the comments below

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