Zaid Ali Questioned His Wife And Mother Together And Things Got PRETTY Interesting

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 24 Feb, 2019

All of us have loved YouTuber Zaid Ali for being a supportive husband to Yumnah (pretty evident through all his lovey dovey comments on her Instagram) and an obedient son to his YouTuber mama (YAS! you read that correct).

But, what happens when he brings the two together for a chatpata saas vs bahu session? Grab your popcorn because there are no retakes in this game.


Zaid started off by asking his mom to talk about one good and one bad habit of Yumnah’s. 

His mother replied that Yumnah is an overall active person which a plus while a bad habit is a bad habit which could be anything.

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The next question was the ultimate game-changer where Zaid, upfront asked his mama bear if she likes Yumnah or not.

His mom instantly replied, “NO.” After bahu Yumnah screamed saying “Whaaaaat?” Zaid’s mother smiled and said, “I love her.” Awwww.

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Another shocker was the part where mama bear revealed that for the longest time she did not know Yumnah was older than Zaid.

She only discovered so on her 27th birthday through a picture she saw.

The game got intense with the question where he asked both the ladies how many kids they wanted. 

Yumnah said she wants two kids and guess what? She also knew how many kids her saas wanted – as many as possible. Wow. Cool bahu alert.

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The next question was kind of controversial where: if Zaid and Yumnah ever got into a fight, who would mama bear side with? Any guesses?

“I would always side with her,” said Zaid’s mom. Damn.

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Zaid asked next, “If he was on a sinking boat and was to decide whose biryani would he have as his last, would it be Yumnah’s or his mom’s?”

The answer? “Yumnah’s, so that I could be disappointed one last time.” LOL, ouch.

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Zaid then started a rapid fire with the ladies and asked them whether he likes burger more or biryani?

Both the ladies said biryani. Woah.

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Next up Zaid asked about who he likes more – Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan?

The answer was Shahrukh Khan and both of them said it together again.

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He then asked if he was organised or messy.

The answers did not align this time. Yumnah said he was messy while his mom said he was organised.

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The game ended with a quirky question – was Zaid a mistake or not?

Mama bear, without thinking through said, “YES!” and Yumnah was left hysterically laughing.

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You can watch the full masalaydaar video here:

Did you enjoy the rapid fire between the saas and the bahu? Let us know in the comments.


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