Zaid Ali Posted About His Wife, Yumnah, On Their Anniversary, But It's Upset Many People

By Maryam Khalid | 13 Sep, 2020

Zaid Ali and his wife, Yumnah, caused a stir three years ago when they got married. Now, an anniversary post has caused a stir once again.

Zaid Ali is a well-known name when it comes to YouTubers and digital content creators in Pakistan. Three years ago, he married Yumnah in the most beautiful ceremony ever.

Sadly, some people bashed Yumnah for not being the ”right” kind of beautiful. She became the target of our desi society for not fitting in their shitty beauty standards, that prioritizes fair-skinned women. Classic colorism.

I mean, are you even looking at her?

So, on their third wedding anniversary, Zaid Ali posted the most gorgeous picture with Yumnah

In the caption, he wrote ”I still remember the first day we got married and the entire internet bashed Yumnah for not being pretty. Today, 3 years later, she’s still as confident as ever!”

People pointed out how it was totally unnecessary by Zaid Ali to mention that his wife was not pretty

And that too on an anniversary post.

Also, the fact that Zaid called her ”confident” at the end instead of calling her pretty. Umm…

People are reminding Zaid how Yumnah is the most gorgeous person ever

People even have thoughts on what they would do if their spouse did the same thing as Zaid Ali

Yumnah has to be the most beautiful person ever and honestly, I am a fan. Even if Zaid Ali didn’t mean what his post was implying, maybe he should have used better wording. The beauty standards set up by our Pakistani society are problematic and even if Yumnah doesn’t fit, Zaid could’ve worded the anniversary post better to send out a more positive message.

In the end, we wish the couple a happy anniversary, and may they have a happy married life ahead! What do you think of Zaid Ali’s post? Should he have re-written his caption? Let us know in the comments.


This Instagram Account Highlighting Zaid Ali’s Wife For Her Skin Color Has Infuriated People


Cover image via @zaidalit/ Instagram

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