Zahid Ahmed's Story of Success is the Most Inspirational Thing You'll Read Today

By Aam Nawab | 3 Sep, 2016

We all go through difficult phases of our lives and at times, it’s easy to give up because nothing seems to be working out. It’s times like these, especially, when we need to find courage in ourselves and keep on moving. One thing that helps, is learning from the experiences of other people who may have gone through similar challenges.

A few days ago, an old picture of Zahid Ahmed began circulating the internet with people wondering if was actually him.

zahid ahmed1

People weren’t sure if it was actually Zahid Ahmed on the left. You can’t really blame them though, the two images are starkly different from each other. After seeing the image floating around the internet, Zahid Ahmed took to Facebook to clear up the situation.

This picture has been circulating on many websites and people have been asking me if this is true. Well here’s the answer…it is absolutely TRUE! The picture on the left is me (Zahid).

In a post that’s already been shared over 9,000 times, Zahid talked about his journey from 2011 up till now. And it wasn’t pretty.

His story should serve as an inspiration to all of us who’ve been through or are currently going through difficult times.

Here are the highlights of Zahid’s journey:

2011, he was working as the COO of an IT company.

During that time, he got married and was away in Malaysia for his honeymoon. While he was there, he found out that the IT company he was working for was fraudulent and didn’t even exist. He then returned to Pakistan a newlywed who was deep in credit card debt. According to Zaid, the financial crisis unfortunately pushed his marriage as well as it was about to fall apart.

2012, he has a terrible accident and injures his spine. 

He wasn’t able to move for 4 months and his marriage troubles hadn’t gotten better. Divorce seemed like something that could happen.

Gets a radio show gig because of his voice.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that well as he destroyed his spine by trying to go to work. His physical condition aggravated to such an extent that he lost all movement, including the radio gig. But also, his self-esteem. Rock bottom.

Things start getting better after a spinal surgery.

He starts walking again and gets a job (which pays peanuts). Meanwhile, his marriage is still on the edge. Eventually starts doing a show for PTV discussing English movies and starts restoring some of his pride. Keeps working hard and gets hired full time to launch PTV World’s English Channel.

2013, PPP Government topples PTV and fires PTV Chief leaving Zahid without a boss. 

At the same time, Anway Maqsood’s team approaches him to play the role of Jinnah in SAWA. He did theater for a year while getting back into shape and lost 22kgs. Things were getting better.

2014, left theater because of differences with producer who owed everyone money.


Then, he gets a call from a HUM TV producer who called him in for an interview. He gets elected for Mehram.

The rest of his story, well, is still going on. And good for him.


Too often, we give up so easily because we ask ourselves “what’s the point.” Stories like Zahid deserve all the attention they can get because they highlight what people are capable of if they only believe in themselves and don’t give up.  If you know any other inspirational stories that can help motivate others, do let us know so we can highlight them at MangoBaaz.

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