13 Times Zahid Ahmed Being The Perfect Family Man Ended You Emotionally

By Iman Zia | 19 Nov, 2017

Actor Zahid Ahmed is on the tips of everyone’s’ tongues these days, what with his wee little announcement accidental announcement that he might be toplining the first Netflix Original produced for Pakistan. The actor has a stellar television archive under his belt, in particular, the drama ‘Alvida’ for which he won Best Supporting Actor. Zahid currently stars in drama ‘Daldal,’ starring Armeena Khan and is in London these days shooting for the serial. And while he’s quite a busy boy these days, he’s also the epitome of a fine, fine family man!


Meet The Ahmeds


It’s an adoring family of  two sweet little bundles of joy, Zayan, and Zaviyar


Zahid is always gushing about them, often in a more nostalgic manner as he expresses the swiftness of time


Zahid is never one to shy away from posting about his adorable little ones

The true wealth of a man…His children 🙂 Alhamdolilah!! #zahidahmed #ZayanZahid

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And he does so with the sweetest captions of a filling adoration

That's how we roll 🙂 MashAllah #zahidahmed #myworld

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And more often than not, those captions do get just a tad bit emotional…

I will chase after you till the end of the world. #zaviyarzahid #zahidahmed #babybabasunday

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He, along with wife Amna are a closely knitted bundle

Eid Mubarik from all of us to all of you!! #eidmubarak #zahidahmed

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He’s also always complimenting Amna, which is honestly so, so lovely


…Often professing to the world about ‘his better half’ *sigh*


And they make the most wonderful couple

Night out with the love of my life. Zahids wardrobe: Zara Man Amna Zahid wearing @rozinamunibofficial #zahidahmed #amnazahid

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The actor has quite the sense of humor too

There's nothing quite like being photobombed by your lovely wife 🙂 #zahidahmed #winteriscoming

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…SUCH a dad joke Zahid, but we’ll take it

Mr and Mrs. Z off to Australia #ZahidAhmed #meetourfeet

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He really is the perfect specimen of a family-man!

A piece of my heart in my arms…. MashAllah. 🙂 #ZahidAhmed #ZaviyarZahid

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Are you a fan of Zahid Ahmed? What’s your favorite role of his?

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