YouTuber Mooroo Just Asked His Fans About Getting A Tattoo And It Has Divided The Internet

By Rameeza Ahmad | 19 Jun, 2019

Should Mooroo get a tattoo?

Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo is one of the most popular Pakistani content creators. He’s currently in Turkey on vacation with his wife. Yesterday, Mooroo posted a question for his Instagram audience on his Instagram story, whether or not he should get a tattoo of a camera.


Considering how people have strong opinions on the topic of getting a tattoo in Pakistan is, Mooroo’s question was definitely loaded

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He made the poll on Instagram asking people whether he should go ahead with getting the tattoo of a camera; and it makes sense for him to want a camera tattoo considering he is a vlogger and it’s with the help of a camera that he is able to create content.


A lot of Pakistani celebrities have tattoos and not all of them talk about them or publicize the fact that they have them because of how opinions vary on both extremes.

But his next posts on his story seem to indicate that some people might have shared their concerns with him regarding religious ruling by some scholars around the permissibility of tattoos in Islam. To this, Mooroo responded by posting a video of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi talking about how Islam has specifically deemed certain things haram and if your tattoo has elements of any of those things, only then will it be haram.

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Considering religion and what school of thought on religion you follow is a deeply personal matter and varies from person to person; of course there was going to be a polarity in terms of opinions

While Mooroo ended up not getting a tattoo, he did talk about how in his view tattoos could be permissible. He talked about seeing how Islam is practiced in Turkey made him want to explore religion more so he could strengthen his faith.

In the end, he posted the results from his original question about getting a tattoo; it was 50/50. Which means that the internet is pretty divided on the issue of whether Mooroo should get a tattoo.

As for whether tattoos are permissible; that is something that everyone needs to decide for themselves.

Do you think you’d ever get a tattoo? Let us know in the comments below.


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