12 Times You Realized You Were In An Awkward Relationship With Your Darzi

By Malaika Tahir | 26 Dec, 2016

The most important yet the most underrated relationship a girl has in her life is her relationship with her darzi. He’s the one man who can bring a smile to your face with just one sight of his and he can also be the cause of those salty tears you shed on your pillow.

So here’s to all the darzis who help you look fly but also have the ability to simply ruin your whole life. These are all the times the relationship between you and your darzi was just too awkward:


1. The moment he took your naap

His hands went to places NO MAN ever went before.

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2. The first time you lied to him to get your clothes early

It felt wrong, cheating with your darzi by messing up the dates of the functions and sometimes just making them up, but it had to be done.

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Tailor: Apki khala ki tu shaadi pichlay maheene thi

Me: Ye dusri waali khala hain 🙂


3. When he ruined the clothes you were eagerly dreaming about 

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4. When he got a little too possessive about your modesty when you wanted a deeper neck

Baaji dekh lein, ye zyada ho jaye ga.

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5. When he tried to become a designer on your clothes

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6. The time when he suddenly started lying to you

Source: reactiongifs.com


7. And when you decided you’d had enough of all his lies and delays and wanted to break it off with him

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You will move on, you will find someone better, time will heal all your wounds, you told yourself.


8. But you started missing him as soon as you left him

Nobody knows your naap the way he did.

Source: tumblr.com


9. So you decided to patch things up with him

You tell him this is the very last chance he’ll ever get from you.

Source: tumblr.com


10. And then you became super duper possessive about him when other women asked about him

Koi mera tailor mere se sheenay na.

Source: dreamjobibitian.files.wordpress.com


11. You love him for all the times he made clothes that are way too perfect

I’d like to thank my darzi…for making this occasion extremely special.

Source: tumblr.com


12. You finally realize that he might not be perfect but he knows how you like your clothes, you decide to accept him with his flaws



Cover image via: Danish Ali / Facebook

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