17 Times Your Period Acted Like That Uninvited Mohallay Ki Auntie

By Hurmat Riaz | 29 Jul, 2017

For those ladies out there who know the exact date of their period, congratulations to you because this is something which the rest of us ordinary women cannot enjoy. Irregular periods are worse than the regular ones because you never know when they’ll strike you. You’re standing in the mall, chilling and BAM! There she is, greeting you like your mohallay ki auntie whom you’ve been trying to ignore.

Here are all the times your period felt like the auntie knocking on your door, uninvited:


1. You never know when she’ll arrive

It’s a surprise. Every time.

Source: Indus World Music Studio


2. And since you don’t know about her arrival, you’re not prepared for it

Kya museebat hai yaar!

Via: Tumblr


3. Sometimes a couple of months go by and you’ll wonder why she hasn’t shown up

It’s been two months since her last visit. You don’t remember the date exactly. So you’re just living on the edge on her arrival.

Source: Hum Network Limited


4. And then one fine Sunday morning when you’re least expecting it, she arrives

And you’re like, ‘there goes my Sunday!’

Source: Showcase Productions


5. Because you’re not prepared you end up just running around the house finding ways to quickly deal with her

Since it’s been a while since her last visit, you have forgotten to fill your ‘special cabinet’ with necessary supplies. And since there’s nothing, you’re just running around the house to find some long lost stash.

Via: Tumblr


6. She just comes and enjoys your freak show around the house with a devilish smile on her face

And she’s just loving your unprepared being. Whatcha gonna do now, bitch?

Via: deenga.com


7. You’ve nothing to serve her with and she’s looking at you with her evil eyes

She starts judging you for not being a responsible aurat.

Via: Tumblr


8. And then she starts talking and would not stop

Her talking is painful and giving you cramps everywhere in your body.

Source: Ali Rush Music


9. She’s ignoring the fact that you’re not enjoying it

But she’s enjoying that you’re not enjoying it. This is her favorite pass time btw.

Source: UTV Motion Pictures


10. She’s actually being a pain in the ass and your stomach

And testing your patience. *deep breaths*

Source: Saga Music


11. You finally find the supplies you need to serve her with which makes her talking stop for a little while

And you finally sit down to catch your breath and relax yourself.

Source: Hum Network Limited


12. She loves chai and would demand it as frequently as possible

She’ll keep on talking and keep on mentioning chai casually like it’s no big deal and you’ve to get up and make a cup for her in every half an hour or so. 

Source: Benetone Films


13. Exhausted with her arrival you just sit down and try to become calm

She’ll keep on blabbering that how much her world is upside down and how much everything is wrong and you cannot do anything about it because you’ve got no choice.

Via: Tumblr


14. You wonder how long she’s going to stay

Oh and how much she loves drama! She lives for it!

Via: Tumblr


15. You try keeping track of her visits so you can be prepared for the next time

But you know that it doesn’t make any difference because she comes and leaves as she pleases.

Source: Saga Music


16. All her talking gives you a migraine

So you just swallow a pain killer right in front of her, thinking it might give her a signal that you’re not enjoying it for the least bit.

Source: Saga Music


17. But all your preparation will always go to waste when she next comes announced

And you’ll have to tolerate all that pain, ruining your Sunday morning thinking ke mehman tou rehmat hotay hain.

Via: Tumblr


Is your period is also like an uninvited auntie? If yes, then how do you deal with her? Tell us in the comments.


Cover image via: thehdwallpapers.org

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