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This Is What Your Favorite Celebrities Look Like When They’re On A Date

This Is What Your Favorite Celebrities Look Like When They’re On A Date

Ah, Ramazan. The month of blessings and rehmat. It’s a month that everyone respects and looks forward to, all year long. But what happens when there are people, actual celebrities, who stop respecting the month? And start going on dates? YES. DATES! Dates in this holy month…


Here are the incriminating photos of their ghinoney kaam


1. Look at Saba Qamar, she looks super fine on a date

Just sitting there. So content with herself.


2. And Ahmed Ali Akbar, too

Tauba taubaaa, phir bhi ye raha dil haan mera dil 


3. Armeena Khan on a date Bin Roye

Irtaza bhi aapka roza bhi aapka date bhi aapki.


4. Osman Khalid Butt always being too liberal

Look at him flying away with all the other dates, too.


5. And ugh Ayesha Omer, too

Ye jo larkiyaan hoti hain na, kaash mein bhi itni hot hoti… 


6۔ Jitni Ramazan transmission kerni hai ker lo, Fahad Mustafa, we know the real you

Fahad bhai ek date mujhey bhi please! FAHAD BHAI PLEAAAASSEEEEEE


7. Look at Mawra here on a date

Wese…Harshvardhan kidher hai?


8. I’m jealous of whoever Bilal Ashraf’s on a date with, tbh

Have you seen that face? Because I have…a lot…like too much…


9. Lo ji doosri behen bhi aagayi

Wese, inka aur mian saahib ka tau halal scene hai, tau chalta hai.


10. And Osman again, he just won’t stop would he?

Look at that feline date he is on.


11. And look at where we saw Ahsan Khan

not so socially responsible anymore, are we?


12. After Raees, we now see Mahira Khan on a date

Astagh, zalima, astagh.


13. Fawad Khan. Just being himself. On a date. Besharam

But also like super super khoobsurat. Haye my heart.

And while everyone else is on a date, Aamir Liaquat will always be on a mango <3

Aam khayega?


At the end of it all, please let us tell you that this was all in good humor, so please take it as such. We love you. So much.


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