This Amazing Young Singer From Lahore Has Gone Viral For Her Stunning Voice & Everyone's Trying To Find Her

By Noor | 11 Jan, 2019

This stunning young singer is the best discovery of 2019, so far


Pakistan is considered to be the hub of Sufi music and poetry. And we all know that the country is blessed with the immense talents of all kinds. A great combination of exquisite Punjabi poetry and a melodious young voice was seen by the people and they just can’t stop praising the new talent.


Recently a video of a girl singing some beautiful Punjabi lyrics grasped the attention of many

So, the video shows a girl who is singing a few shaa’er written by the famous Sufi poet Bulleh Shah, also sung by Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch in her famous song “Saaiyaan“.

This young singer’s beautiful voice along with her perfect command on the Punjabi lyrics is absolutely commendable. Here’s the video:


People are pretty impressed by the perfect Punjabi and are curious to know more about the girl


Some have said that she was one of the few who flawlessly sung unlike many other professionals who often ruin the essence of Sufi music


A few even predicted that this girl will become a great professional singer in future


Since everyone’s looking for this new singer, Alina Lodhi, the host was asked to help identifu this young girl


The girl won the hearts of many and people just couldn’t stop praising her

So, do you know the girl? And did you like the video? Don’t forget to share your views about her singing.


This Video Of A Girl Singing In Punjabi Will Leave You Speechless


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