17 Struggles You Can Only Relate To If You're A Geek In Pakistan

By Hurmat Riaz | 10 Aug, 2017

Being a hard core geek in Pakistan can seem very unusual at times. Here’s just a brief look at a few things you might have experienced while embracing your inner geek.

1. Your wardrobe is not like a regular girl’s wardrobe

You have t-shirts (and maybe kurtas) that have characters from your favorite fandom and people usually don’t understand that why you have them and why you wear them to every other gathering or party.

Source: fandomstore via imgflip.com

2. If you’re a girl, you might have dainty, fancy jewelry, you have fandom related jewelry.

Your mocking jay pin will be your go to jewelry and no one will get it – they might even make fun of you.

Source: etsy via imgflip.com

3. You talk in references.

You quote from your fandom on and off while no one gets it, and so your joke falls on deaf ears and you end up being sad about it.

Source: The CW / The WB

4. Your room is filled with action figures, funko pops, etc.

For those who think that they are toys: THEY ARE NOT TOYS.

Source: Warner Bros. Animation / DC Entertainment Inc.

5. You dream about going San Diego Comic-Con.

And when the convention is happening, you watch its updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and spend that whole weekend wishing you were there.

Source: comic-con.org via imgflip.com

6. You want a large scale Comic Con convention to happen in Pakistan.

You keep tabs on all the underground activities happening anywhere in Pakistan which are remotely related to fandoms.

Source: dawn.com

7. And when it finally happens, you spend time in preparing your costume and no one understands why.

You spend hours and hours to look exactly like Katniss Everdeen and people will not understand your dedication.

Source: pinterest.com

8. You go to a local convention and might complain that it wasn’t good enough.

But still, kudos to the people that make this happen atleast.

Source: myevents.pk

9. But you still have a good time because you dressed up like your favorite character.

It feels amazing to design a costume and wear it channeling your inner Mocking Jay.

Source: Twincom / Tumblr

10. Your phone cover, your laptop’s skin / cover, your phone’s wallpaper; everything is related to some fandom you follow.

Source: me

11. You get attached to fictional characters and no one understands your emotions.

Catching feelings over a fictional character or getting emotionally attached to a fandom is something that not everyone can understand.

Source: pinterest

12. If you’re an anime fan, some people might tease you for still watching “cartoons”

But you know anime is not a cartoon, it’s another genre and their plots and story lines are amazing. The fans will agree.

Source: pk.ign.com

13. Your phone’s ringtone might bethe theme song from your favorite fandom but you won’t find many people who recognize it.


14. You’ve often been frustrated with a lack of comic books available.

Source: Wikipedia

15. Your social media shares are often about your fandoms.

Most people on your friends list won’t understand what you’re posting.

16. People think that you live in a fictional world.

Which is half true because you do and you’re happy there.

Source: ARY Films

17. But when you finally find someone who’s as geeky as you, you rejoice because you know someone gets you 🙂

Source: pk.ign.com

But even if you don’t find anyone, you know that you’re the coolest person around. And you don’t care what the world says about you because you know what makes you happy.

Anything I left out? Let me know in the comments section!


Cover image via: menofcomics.com

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