5 Yellow Flags To Look Out For In A Relationship!

By Zehra Batool | 18 Oct, 2022

By now, even kids know all about red and green flags. But did you know that yellow flags exist as well? You heard it right — yellow flags! A yellow flag is basically a sign to be cautious or to look out for any issues in your relationship. While these may not be serious, they may indicate a bigger problem that lies hidden in plain sight, and it is advisable to identify them before it is too late. Yellow

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some yellow-flag behaviors in a relationship!

1) Still in contact with an ex Yellow

A yellow flag is basically a sign to be cautious
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Don’t get us wrong, it is okay to remain friends with an ex and stay in touch with them, but it may also indicate that your partner is walking a fine line at this point. Keep an eye on their relationship with their ex since it is a yellow flag.

2) Avoids talking about their family Yellow

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When someone pretends that their family does not exist, they may be hiding something deep down that they are ashamed of, or do not take your relationship seriously enough to allow you into their private lives.

3) Can’t stop fidgeting

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It is true that excessive fidgeting may be a sign of anxiety or just a bad habit, but it could also be a sign that they are uneasy, awkward, or perhaps not interested.

4) Previous relationships always failed because of their exes

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Adults need some degree of responsibility, but don’t judge without knowing the full story. Watch out though, it might turn out to be a red sign.

5) Overly defensive

Yellow flag related to ability to handle uncomfortable conversations
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If your partner responds to criticism with defensiveness or retaliates out of hurt, it is definitely a red flag. The ability to handle uncomfortable conversations is a sign of a partner who has the necessary emotional intelligence.

Try not to be overly paranoid and try not to search for flaws because you will certainly find them. Nonetheless, never ignore your own instincts. Obviously, not every yellow flag ends up turning red. But if it feels off, then talk to them or move on. You are responsible for your own life and happiness!



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