Confident, Strong And Unapologetic: Yasmeen Was The Best Thing About “Pyarey Afzal”

By Iman Zia | 16 Nov, 2017

While most of us look at ‘Pyarey Afzal’ as another tragic love story for the books, at first glance it undoubtedly might seem so. However, take a deeper plunge into this cult drama, and you’ll find yourself falling for a particular female protagonist who was polished with both an admirable confidence and sparkling strength. Played by Sohai Ali Abro, Yasmeen was captivating, and honestly, if you put her, Farah and Afzal together, she is the only character thriving in common sense, and a kind of maturity that I began pining for.


Yasmeen is a patakha; a fiery little popping firework

Her immediate debut as Yasmeen midway through the drama is unforgettable. She has quite the tongue, and like Farah doesn’t shy away from confrontation. She intrudes into Afzal’s home on her first encounter with him, being the owner of the building. She’s loud, rather brute like at times and incredibly intimidating. At first, you’ll despise her very core, and think ‘oh great, another Farah who might send Afzal into an emotional downfall – but she’s really quite something else.

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Yasmeen isn’t afraid to be herself, and she is very unapologetic about how fearless she is

The moment I fell for Yasmeen is when she’s talking to her mother – “badtameez toh tum bhi ho, har kisi ka mou jaa ke lagti ho” to which Yasmeen responds, “badtameezi na karoon na toh mard log khaa jayein mujhe…upar se khubsoorat bhi hoon.”

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The girl has no facade; she’s incredibly real and invites fear from Afzal, often threatening him (all in a comical manner), but the way she projects herself is spectacular

” …Nazuk si larki mat samjo mujhe, tum jaison ki liye khoon khaar billi hoon.” She always keeps her guard about her, and never lets it crumble, but beneath all the armor, she has a heart honeyed with gold. When Afzal collides with Wali, the ghunda hellbent on having Yasmeen, Yasmeen’s love begins to sprout for Afzal.

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And even though all the pain, she smiles – if that isn’t courage then I don’t know what is

Yasmeen’s change of heart for Afzal is so wonderful, she’s still outgoing, and it’s her exuding confidence that only makes her all the more beautiful. She isn’t afraid to be herself, and defies all the stifling norms of how a ‘woman should be.’ It’s both suffocating and awe-inspiring. She makes it very, very clear that she adores Afzal, and we begin to realize that Yasmeen actually lies on two ends of a spectrum – she can be ruthlessly vocal, but also a breezy flower. Her forwardness is truly grand, and her love for Afzal suddenly begins to drown her. Even at the thought of losing Afzal, Yasmeen does not shed one tear, yet melancholy drips off her face.

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It is Yasmeen who makes it her sole mission to bring together Farah and Afzal, despite suffering from a tearing case of unrequited love – it is this quality that is both profoundly breathtaking and galvanizing

When she eventually meets Farah, her kindness towards her is outstanding. Even though she loves Afzal, Yasmeen is also is aware that Afzal loves Farah. There isn’t a hint of resentment in Yasmeen’s bone, and this is what sets her gloriously apart from Farah. She’s hurting tremendously inside but never allows it to seep through, and often reassures herself commendably that she is diamonds. She never insults Afzal and leaves everyone on the dearest terms, and it’s heart-wrenching to watch her resilience. Her character is the true definition of grace, poise, and incredible inspiration as she is the epitome of a selfless love, and a shocking kindness.

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