Yango ride-hailing service app commences testing in Lahore, Pakistan

By MangoBaaz Studio | 9 May, 2023

Lahore, May the 3Yango, the international online ride-hailing service and an established player in the mobility sector on a global scale, is starting its testing phase in Lahore, Pakistan.

Expanding broadly throughout Europe, Middle East and Latin America including UAE, Norway, Finland, Bolivia, Peru, Morocco, Algeria and having secured a prominent position in Sub-Saharan Africa, Yango turned its view to South Asia. The service has ambitions to continue developing in the region.

With over 20 countries already covered worldwide, Yango is excited to introduce its modern, safe, and affordable ride-hailing solution to the dynamic Pakistani economy.

“Launching Yango’s test run in Pakistan has generated immense excitement. Our business model thrives on collaborating with local enterprises, aspiring to create economic opportunities and enhance the transport infrastructure in Lahore and beyond. As we kick off this trial phase, feedback from users and drivers will be crucial in optimizing our services, catering to the Pakistani market’s specific needs,” observed Adeniyi Adebayo, Yango’s Chief Business Development Officer.

The Yango mobile app is available now in Pakistan and is free to download in several languages, including English and Urdu, offering users the ability to order a ride to a specific destination on both cars and motorbikes. The app utilizes geolocation technology to pinpoint the user’s location and find the nearest available driver, significantly reducing wait times. Currently, Yango operates as a cash-only service, with the app automatically calculating the estimated cost of each trip based on the user’s inputted destination address.

Adebayo further noted, “By prioritizing comfort, safety, and affordability, we’re addressing the growing demand of the local community. Yango has incorporated advanced security features and technology to facilitate a seamless and enjoyable ride experience for users and drivers alike. As our service continues to make waves across the globe, expanding into Pakistan is a strategically sound move for Yango, and we’re keen to meet the high expectations of the country’s discerning population.”

Yango does not operate its own cars or drivers, but rather facilitates local partners and transportation providers to offer services to passengers via the app. Unlike other online services, Yango app relies on its own routing, navigation and smart order distribution features. These features help cut down the trip cost and the time a driver spends on finding a customer, moving to the next customer, or taking a customer to their destination. A driver completes rides one after another and can switch to the next customer while finishing the current ride. This helps the driver save fuel and reduces empty car mileage. One of the key elements of the Yango strategic vision is focus on safe rides. A number of features, including route sharing, quick access to SOS number and reckless driving reporting are already available to users of the app.

Yango is dedicated to supporting its vision which lies in safe and affordable trips for passengers, and steady and predictable earnings for drivers, newer cars improving the partners’ bottom line, a more efficient smart technology-powered car dispatch to optimize routes and conserve gas and more sustainable businesses with more benefits for partners, drivers, users and society as a whole.

About Yango

Yango is an international online service for ordering rides. It already operates in more than 20 countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Unlike other ride-hailing services, Yango app uses its own mapping, routing, and navigation as well as smart order distribution.

To download the YANGO App, please visit: https://ya.cc/t/nooH7Y2p4AvwLC

Cover Image Via Yango

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