I Fell In Love With This Empowering Song From Yakeen Ka Safar And Its Beautiful Message Will Make You Love It Too

By Masooma Haider | 25 Nov, 2018

Throughout this past year, Yakeen Ka Safar became more of a national phenomenon than a TV show in Pakistan. Starting from Daniyal’s fight for justice for a rape victim eventually leading to his ill-fate, to Zubia’s broken past and her rising from the ashes to be entwined with Asfandyar, each character’s suffering is depicted in a fitting manner throughout the journey. In this transition from heart-break to healing, one song shines through in the background, vastly multiplying the depth and feel for the audience.

Not once does “Matti Ke Parinday” from Yakeen Ka Safar fail to give me goosebumps each time it plays as the show progresses.

As underrated as the song may be, its lyrics fit perfectly with the lives and trials of the characters. It plays as a commentary on broken, wounded souls, gradually uplifting them to hold their own interests dearest and swim out of darkness.

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‘O matti ke parinday pankh apne khol de

Parwaaz teri kia hai tu sab ko bol de’ 

Drawing parallels between free-spirited birds and humans, the song addresses humans as birds made of clay, coaxing them to open their wings far and wide, and show the world the range of their flight. Weighed down under the scrutiny of society and the pressure that it entails, we often feel trapped and claustrophobic, as did Zubia in the show.

The tone of the music draws us to the intensity of trials she went through, but she only rose above it all when she prioritized herself over everything else. It goes out to show that sometimes when all worldly relations fail to support us, it’s okay to hold our interests dearest.

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‘Aakaash se bhi upar aakaash hain kayi

Chal tu uraan bhar le, na dar ko bol de’

Ever heard the saying ‘Sitaaron se aagay jahaan aur bhi hain’? This is almost a reiteration of that. Worlds beyond the stars, skies beyond skies. Putting it simply, there is always a second option, always another chance. Just like the tinge of hope seeped into Zubia’s life in the form of her job and Asfandyar,

God blesses us in His own ways, it’s all about us having the sight to capture it. Keep all fears behind, you know your direction, simply take flight.

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Kaayi kyun jami hai pankhon par teray?

Kyun zard khizaan ke mausam na gaye?’

Laying forth a series of questions, this couplet is the heaviest on feelings. Why haven’t your wings fluttered in so long? Why isn’t the rusty fall weather over yet? Weather it’s a long, dreary winter or a blazing summer, if spirits are low, the cheeriest of ‘mausams’ can become bleak and dark. This reflects mainly on the transition that Asfandyar faces as a character after Daniyal’s death, losing his brother almost has a lifelong impact on him.

His breezy, humorous side is replaced by a sharp, precise man, who has his ideals set in stone. He consciously blocks out all forms of laughter and cheer from his life, allowing his existence to become one long, dreary mausam.

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“Sehmi si dehleezain, sunsaan raastay

Yaadon ke nakhun kyun chehray par teray”

Perhaps for those who find themselves alone and helpless, memories make it harder for them to move on. It’s human nature to associate mere sights, sounds and smells with memories of places and people. Pining for those that have left is only natural, but never at the cost of one’s own worth. The lyrics of the song are like a reviving melody, encouraging growth and self-value.

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“Kab tak yeh khamoshi kab tak yeh faraar

Teray taraashay manzar bhi ab teray na rahe”

Suffering in silence has always been glorified in our society. However, there’s always a limit to what one can bear, there’s no shame in expressing grief or suffering. As the lyrics say, at least what we envisioned for ourselves, the ideals we built, must stay intact in their real form. No soul has the right to take over our basics, our foundation.

In Yakeen Ka Safar, we see both Asfandyar and Zubia come to terms with this once they find each other. They slowly learn to revisit the past with conviction, because their past is what brought them together, and thus what happens, happens for the best.

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“O matti ke parinday chal jee le zindagi

O matti ke parinday kia teri bandagi

O matti ke parinday chal apni raah chal

O matti ke parinday reeton ko de badal”

The last part is a call to all those suffering, all those disillusioned, all those in guilt, to break free from the shackles and lead themselves ahead. Guide themselves to the path they envisioned, to broad daylight. Surpassing myths and traditions in the process shouldn’t matter as much if ones soul is truly glorified.

This can simply be summarized in Asfandyar’s dialogue in the last episode, ‘Mujhe faraq nahi parta’. He sets Zubia free of her own shame by declaring that she matters to him above all else, above her past, above the baggage she comes with, it’s solely her soul that he cherishes and holds dear.

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Keeping all this in light of Yakeen Ka Safar and the progression of its story, it’s as if every character in it had embarked on an everlasting journey from suffering to healing. Of course, none of them were entirely healed even at the end, but as they say, through hope and faith in a promising tomorrow, they did make it to the end.

Similarly, setting the lyrics of the song as an example for ourselves, very simply, we must keep strong and believe in ourselves, not just formally, but in the real sense. And little bits of poetic feels in the middle will never do any harm.

Here, give the song another listen!

If the song impacted you in some way, please share your views with us in the comments section below.


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