15 Timeless Quotes From Yakeen Ka Safar That You Should Treasure Forever

By Sarah Babar | 6 Jan, 2018

‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ was possibly one of the biggest takeaways from 2017. The emotional ride that they took us on throughout the course of the show was one that kept all kinds of audiences hooked on till the very end, leaving behind some very heartbroken people after it finished. However, even though the show has ended, there are so many dialogues from the show that will never really leave us. And there are those that gave us so man life lessons to take with us into the new year. Who knows these might just end up helping you achieve your new years resolutions

1. This verse by Faiz Ahmed Faiz was quoted by one of Barrister Usman’s colleagues while paying tribute to Daniyal



2. When Asfandyar’s mother confronts him about how he felt after Faryal’s arrival back into their lives, he said this, giving us an insight into the newly transformed, mature Asfi


3. We also saw a kind of love we hadn’t seen in a really long time; a simpler kind of love that surfaced between Zubia and Asfi


4۔ When Asfi assured Zubia that no matter what happens, he will always be there for her


5. When Daniyal was the only one standing against the throngs of people who were there to bring him down


6. When Zubia asserted her strength as a character after being questioned by Asfandyar


7. When Zubia was talking to her father about the way the society works


8. When Asfi was giving Zubia a life lesson about being positive and happy in life


9. When Asfi continued with his advice to Zubia and asked hre to shun negative thoughts away from her life


10. When Asfi stated facts


11. When the show gave us these words to absolutely live by


12. When Barrister Usman, aka Asfi’s father, was speaking at the press conference held in honor of Daniyal’s memory


13. More words to live by, this time, we got them from the conversation that Daniyal had with Asfi when he was accused of harassing his secretary


14. A more profoundly generic quote applicable to anything that might come our way during life.


15. And lastly, these words by Daniyal and Asfi’s mum


We absolutely love the words that this show left us with. What’s your favorite dialogue from ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’? Let us know in the comments below.

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