WTF, A Gang Of Six Members Was Busted In Karachi For Selling “Ice” To Students

By Manahil | 2 Mar, 2019

Ice is increasingly becoming a problem. Now, whether it’s all thanks to shows like Breaking Bad or just plain old drug epidemic, it’s something that needs attention.


Six members of a gang were busted by the police on Thursday, in Karachi.

The gang included three males, and three females, all varying in age, according to a report. They were recognized by SSP East Ghulam Azfar as Rohail Shakeel, Waqas Vikki, Abdul Raheem, Muskan, Laiba, and Humera respectively.


SSP Azfar Mahesar said that Rohail Shakeel – also known as Raju – is a “notorious” drug dealer. The officer affirms that the three males along with help from the females of the gang were involved in supplying drugs (specifically ice and cocaine) to farmhouses, educational institutes, and private parties.


Drug-related deaths are increasing every day, with nearly 700 deaths a day in Pakistan.

Yes… you read that right. It’s not known how many of these deaths result from methamphetamine. But we do know that this drug is so intense, that it has a transient effect in emotions, from extreme pleasure to downright depression when it’s effect abates. Methamphetamine is also known as crystal meth or ice. It has extreme health hazards due to its toxicity and guess what? It’s being sold to students, of all people.


Police claim to have found large quantities of drugs including pills and 3374 kilograms of hashish, as well as illegal weapons – three pistols.

The suspects were arrested at Drigh Road railway station. The police force has also checked call records and has found “very alarming data” and state that they will find those students who were using the drugs and confront them personally.

Matlab…gaye sab.



This is not the first time this has happened.

These drug raids and arrests are not uncommon. In February, the Peshawar Police busted 77 suspected drug dealers who used to deal around educational institutes. In December of 2018, a raid was done in G-9. ANF arrested a 3-member gang for supplying drugs in Islamabad. Drugs are becoming a more and more common outlet for people – the question we should be asking is: why?



Now, we already know that the Punjab Government announced it might start drug testing soon in schools. 

The Punjab Government is currently seeking permission from the CEOs of private schools to sign affidavits which will allow them to test the students studying in their schools for possible drug use. Here’s hoping other provincial governments can take positive steps in helping address this increasing concern because these are the real issues that need to be addressed.


Ab universities ka pata nahi, but if this happens, and the policy spreads to other institutes, maybe it could help with the crackdown against drug usage. What do you guys think about this situation? Comments main batayein.


The Punjab Government Might Introduce Drug Testing In Schools And LOL, Sab Warh Gaye Bhai


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