Here's A Little Something If You're Already Sick And Tired Of Seeing Women's Day Stuff Everywhere

By Iman Zia | 8 Mar, 2019

Happy Women’s Day to you all


Today’s being celebrated as the day of women around the world. People are talking about women, they’re sharing stories about women that inspire them. There are images being circulated and talks being given. Speeches being made and social media posts being uploaded. Yet there’s something worth noting about it all.


Let’s take a look, shall we?


So, as I was saying, It’s International Women’s Day today and the whole world is talking about it.

We’ve got famous women talking about women.


And famous men talking about them too


We’ve got women being celebrated in bold professions


We even have graphics being made about them


…not to mention stimulating discussions on Facebook that put women on par with men…


We also have gifs being made to celebrate womanhood, left, right and center


While Feminism accounts are blossoming and writing li’l couplets of courage


We even got people making memes about female strength


So basically, pretty much everyone’s made it their top priority to talk about how important today is for women


We even have controversial politicians chipping in on all the fun


And let’s not forget news channels.

God bless news channels for such life changing headlines…


Wonderful isn’t it? That today women are finally given some attention?

You might not have noticed something, though. Something pretty dark about all ways women are being celebrated today.

And once you realize it, it’s a pretty sad state of affairs.

Here’s what’s wrong with all these “celebrations”, today


So if you want everyone to stop talking about it. Do something for women and the whole world will shut up. Till then happy whatever, guys. Same shit, different year.


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