Here's Why Pakistani Women Are Sharing Their Stories Of Sexual Abuse On Social Media

By Alveena Jadoon | 16 Oct, 2017

We often do not realize the magnitude of abuse and assault that takes place everyday. More often than not it is because it does not get reported.


Initially started as an international campaign to highlight how big the issue of harassment is, the #MeToo campaign is gaining ground in Pakistan as well

The idea behind the campaign is to highlight how common sexual abuse and assault are. Women who have experienced this are putting up statuses on Facebook and tweeting about it to make people see how normal the activity is.

This will also help them see that even within their own close circle, there will be several people who have been through it.


Women on Facebook are also actively using the hashtag and the number is only increasing.

The number of women joining in on the campaign is unbelievable. It is almost as if people did not know before how much it happened in the country.

Same is the case with Twitter. It is one of the top trends, the world over.


Women are sharing their stories of how often they’ve been harassed

They also talked about it was not just random strangers but also people in their own family who abused them. These stories highlight how the incidents impacted their lives and their outlook towards people in general.

This trend is a proof of how common sexual abuse is. And that there is need for being vigilant in the matter.

For once, it is not something that needs to go under the rug – especially if it is happening on such a large scale. Women have come out to support each other through this and encourage each other to not be hesitant. Several remain quiet about such instances because of the backlash that they have to face. Victim shaming is the reason why they do not speak up.


But ladies, it is important to be a part of this. People need to know the enormity of the situation. Only then will the debate about it open up and push everyone around us to be more understanding of the situation and take relevant action in this regard.


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