13 Brutally Honest Things Pakistani Women Want To Say During Their Periods

By Maliha Khan | 15 Sep, 2018

Oh no. PeriodBaaz, back at it again. While you start typing out those “admin, tell your sister to talk about periods” comments,” I’ll walk you through the mind of a woman when she’s on her periods. Imagine being in excruciating pain and still having to control what you say. Well, here’s a list of things Pakistani women wish they can openly say when on their periods:

1. I don’t even want kids.

Haw hayeeee, yeh kaisi larki hai? To avoid comments like these, we just avoid discussing the fact that kids are not a priority for some of us.

Source: Giphy

2. Kaash mai larka hoti.

Whether you like to admit it or not, guys have it easier than us women. They will never know the pain we grow through every month.

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3. At least I’m not pregnant.

Saying this is basically setting yourself up to be attacked by the ghairat police.

Via Tumblr

4. Mujhe aj ghar ka kaam karna zaruri hai?

Can we get a break for one week out of the whole month?

Source: YouTube/Rihanna Vevo

5. Do I have to go to so and so’s dawaat?

There is a dawaat every weekend, can’t I stay home this one time?

Source: Yash Raj Films

6. Haan mera dil kar raha hai gussa karne ka aaj.

Let me have an attitude in peace.

Source: gifsboom.net

7. Why can’t pads and tampons smell like flowers?

I am already attracting animals with my smell, why can’t feminine hygiene product companies make it easier for me?

source: RC Films

8. Pregnant hona isse acha hai?

Pondering the possibility of being pregnant and if it is better than having your period. Then suddenly realizing that you’re a complete idiot for even entertaining the thought.

source: IRK Films

9. I WANT chocolate!

No one will understand the pain of wanting chocolate late at night and not being able to just go to the store and get some, because you know desi mentality.

Source: SLB Films

10. Haar ghar mai garbage bin kyun nahi ho sackta?

Imagine having to go to a family friend’s house while on your period, and in the middle of your bathroom activities you realize there is no garbage. Um, how are we supposed to dispose of our hygiene products discreetly? And you can’t even voice your annoyance out loud.

Source: Chuck Lorre Productions

11. 5 din lagnay chaiye, asay lagta hai 5 saal lag rahay hai.

When periods seem like they are lasting forever, but sharing how much pain you are in might offend the male population, so might as well keep it to yourself.

Source: Chuck Lorre Productions

12. Is this white shalwar really worth it?

When the perfect outfit is staring you in the eyes, but white is the devil when on your period.

Source: Dharma Productions

13. Do my boobs look bigger?

Talking about the female body is OBVIOUSLY extremely offensively and women should not engage in a conversation about parts that feed children and keep them healthy, period (pun intended).

But seriously though…do they?

Source:: ABC Studiosperios

What are some things you want to say on your period? Let us know in the comments.


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