This Amazing Woman Has Opened A Tent School To Teach Children In Slums Of Hyderabad

By Alveena Jadoon | 11 Feb, 2018

The 8th of January is celebrated as the Sindh Education Day by the Sindh civil society. Fatima, a lecturer at the Sindh University, decided to work alongside members of Sindh Youth Network. They opened up a tent school to teach children in a slum of Naseem Nagar, Hyderabad.

Saima Jafri is an active member of the Women Action Forum and actively volunteers for several organizations to create an impact in the society

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The slum has a population of around 300 people

Men of the families look for work on a day to day basis. The women collect trash from the roads, whereas, they rely on their children to beg on the streets to make their ends meet.

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Saima and her co-workers spent around Rs10,000 to get the school up and running

Rs3000 was spent on hiring a teacher, a water cooler was arranged in Rs1000. The remaining amount was used to get a rug to cover the land and get stationary for the kids.

She herself has taken the responsibility of teaching English to the kids

A huge number of volunteers have also contacted her for teaching a number of subjects. She eventually aims to spread these schools to Hyderabad and nearby villages.

Via: Twitter

Her story was also picked up by the local newspaper

Via: twitter

She took to twitter to tweet about the school

People showered her with support and encouraged her to not let her resolve break

Such initiatives must be actively appreciated. One of the biggest reasons why tolerance and plurality is a far stretched idea in this country is the lack of education. Initiatives like these give a shoulder to the efforts of the government and make their jobs easier. We should try and support them in every manner possible.

More power to you, Saima. You are a ray of hope in this society!


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