This Woman Apologizing To An Imam For The Attack On Muslims In London Makes Us Believe In The World Again

By Sajeer Shaikh | 22 Jun, 2017

Muslims in London have been living under distressing conditions lately, what with all the terror related incidents in the city and the UK, at large that have been connected with Muslim perpetrators, leading to a lot of animosity from other communities.


Recently, an attacker identified as 47-year-old Darren Osborne drove his van into a crowd of Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park in North London.

One person was reported dead in the Finsbury attack and another eleven were reported to have been injured. All the victims were Muslims. A witness claimed that he shouted, “I want to kill all Muslims” before being pinned to the ground by the crowd. An Imam was amongst the few men who protected him and are being lauded for playing a part in saving his life.

The incident was declared a terror attack on Muslims.

However, a lot of people weren’t too happy by how the attacker was being surprised. It seemed like the media seemed to be giving excuses for him

While the Muslim community is seen to apologize for every attack that takes place and is seen to justify their religion after each incident, the silence of many leaders regarding this terror attack was, in many ways, deafening.


It did not go unnoticed


However, among all the hate and the tension, this woman visited Finsbury Park and tearfully apologized to the Imam for the attack

It was appreciated by many

Source: Channel 4 News


And people thought it was immensely kind

Source: Channel 4 News


People shared their encounters as well

Source: Channel 4 News


And others suggested that the entire community should stay united

Source: Channel 4 News


Undoubtedly, the video gives the Muslim community the ray of hope they need to stay strong and resilient. One can only hope that more and more people agree with this mindset, instead of drowning under the wave of Islamophobia that is rapidly engulfing the world.

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