Wing Commander Noman Akram Embraced Shahadat After A Plane Crash In Islamabad During Pakistan Day Rehearsals

By Sana Yasmeen | 11 Mar, 2020

Earlier today, onlookers witnessed the crash of an F-16 in Islamabad.

Today, around 11 am, people on Twitter began to talk about a possible plane crash. People immediately showed great concern when massive clouds of smoke began appearing from a ground in Islamabad and thus, questions of the possible sources began pouring in.

Soon after the worrisome tweets, The tragic news of the jet crash was confirmed as videos began appearing on the Twitter feed. The jet crashed during the rehearsals for 23rd March – Pakistan Day.

The pilot of the jet, Wing Commander Noman Akram, embraced martyrdom during the tragic crash.

Rescue teams were rushed to the site of crash but unfortunately, Wing Commander Noman Akram embraced martyrdom during the crash of the F-16.

People of the internet began flooding the feed with prayers and consolations. People immediately took to their social media platforms to talk about the bravery of WC Noman Akram and the dreadful unfairness of the tragedy.

People even speculated that WC Noman Akram did not eject the crashing plane because of his continuous efforts to save civilians.

People were deeply saddened and heartbroken.

Stories of pilots who lost their lives in jet crashes began pouring in as well.


The news, for sure, casts a gloomy spell over the nation as they try to cope with the loss of a hero. We, here at MangoBaaz, are praying for the family of the lost soldier and the departed soul.


Cover image via curi_hay@Twitter/FarrukhFL@Twitter



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