Why So Serious? “Joker” Trailer Just Dropped And DC Fans Are Falling In Love With Joaquin Phoenix

By Sarmad Amer | 3 Apr, 2019

Joker is played by Joaquin Phoenix this time around and it’s going to be really exciting


For those of you who love DC’s universe – you know the Batman and Superman franchises – you already must be jumping with joy at this new trailer. For the rest of you, this movie is about the same character that the late Heath Ledger immortalized and won an posthumous Oscar award for.


So, the latest iteration of Batman’s nemesis “Joker” is played by Joaquin Phoenix and the trailer is so deliciously good


This movie explores the origins of the iconic DC villian Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix

The movie explores his experience with mental health, his struggle with his mother and their financial situation and the bullying that appears to eventually turn him into the psychotic, yet extremely spell-binding character that we all know him as.

Source: DC Films


While hardcore fanbois are concerned about their beloved character


Most cinema audience, however, understand that this might just be another unique interpretation that makes its place in movie hall of fame

This is a stand-alone movie and will not be connected to the rest of the DC Cinematic Universe. this means you won’t be seeing Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman making an appearance or Joaquin Phoenix as Joker making an appearance with, say the Suicide Squad. Btw, it is rumored that the producers aren’t happy with the Joker from Suicide Squad i.e. Jared Leto so maybe we might see this Joker in other movies after all, who knows!

Source: DC Films


So, why so serious? Tell us which Joker is your favorite and what you think about this one, in the comments below.



Cover image via: DC Films

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