White Girls Are Using Mehndi Cones To Make ‘Henna Freckles' On Their Faces And Just WHY

By Rameeza Ahmad | 2 Jul, 2018

After years of ridiculing people with freckles, white people have finally decided freckles are cool.

Source: @Interstellardesignz

So much so that white girls are actually using mehndi cones to make fake freckles on their faces…

This is an actual social media trend and honestly… just stop

The trend was popularized by an Instagram user by the name of @uglysxegirl

And (goray) people loved it.

Source: Instagram/@uglysxegirl

Oh, God…

Source: Instagram/@uglysxegirl

I mean, is it?

Source: Instagram/@uglysxegirl

And of course, tons of other white girls wanted to try it out too.

I think I liked it better when they appropriated our mehndi designs into ‘henna tattoos’


I mean if you’re going to do it, at least do it right!

What is this?!

And this girl actually used black henna to do her henna freckles and well… LOL.

Source: babe.net

Iss liye kehtei hain nakal k liye bhi akal chaiye hoti hai!

And of course, a lot of people are annoyed.

People are clearly not amused by henna freckles.

Same, tbh.

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Cover Image Source: Instagram.com/@uglysxegirl

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