15 Skills Mastered Only By Those Who Sleep Very Late

By Sarmad Amer | 21 Nov, 2015

Sure, sleep is very important. After a hard day’s work your body needs to refresh itself, but then there are some who feel more awake as the night draws closer. Your day starts at 6 pm, essentially. Before that you’re just a zombie going through the necessary tasks. In short, you’re a ‘Night Owl’.

Here are some skills that have been mastered by anyone who goes to sleep late:

1. You know how to be more energetic than the rest of the world at 10 p.m.

Source: Tumblr


2. You are skilled in taking criticism from your parents about your odd sleep pattern.

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3. You are a master in the art of late night socializing.

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Since everyone in your friends circle is also awake all night so might as well use that to meet up or have group conversations on Whatsapp.

4. Of course, you are also an idea machine post-midnight.

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5. And sometimes you also use the nights to learn.

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Unless you’re the nerd who keeps awake at nights only to utilize that time to study even more than you already do

6. Midnight snacking is an actual meal time for you.

Source: Tumblr

As opposed to a one in a while thing for other people.

7.  You know how to prioritize friendships.

If you do sleep early some nights that will be the night all your friends decide to make a plan to hang out together.

Source: XL Recordings via: Giphy

And you’ll be greeted with a 100 missed calls and messages when you wake up.

8. You are adept at tip toeing across the house so as not to wake your abba.

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9. You dream all day long about that sweet time when the world starts to go silent so you can get to focus only on that new series you just downloaded.

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10. You have a special talent of making snacks out of weird food combinations from your fridge.

Source: Smosh

Milkshake and french fries? Anything works after 11.30 pm.

11. You know that anything before 11 in the morning is not worth missing your sleep over.

Yes, even if it is THAT one important test.

Source: Tumblr

It’s because you can’t even move yourself to get out of bed before then.

12. Maggi noodles, chicken chunks, cheese slices and mustard are a frequent part of your diet.

downloadSource: Sarmad Amer

13. Winter nights are even more fun because you get to drink a cozy warm of your favorite hot beverage.

Source: Tumblr

of course chai for most of you.


14. If you wake up early by an off chance some day you realize that the world isn’t so bad in the mornings also.

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15. But then you feel very bored after the first hour of an early morning and you don’t know how else to spend the rest of the time.

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Like a true night owl.


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