People On Twitter Are Sharing How Others Have Ruined Their Names And It's Hilarious

By Arslan Athar | 13 Jul, 2017

Have you ever told someone your name, and for some godforsaken reason they crack a joke? You’re just like, ‘Yaar ye mera naam hai, dumbo’. Worse than this when you have to introduce yourself to the average white person, who ruin your name and baira gharak it.

This ‘Whats Your Name’ trend on  from people who have had enough this nonsense:


This Maryam has been having velayti problems for a while now


Really Asad isn’t THAT hard


All versions of the name Amina (and all it’s spelling variations) just unanimously cringed 


Okay seriously, it ain’t that difficult 


Bechari Hina


In all honesty, this joke needs to stop

‘Yes please compare me to a musical instrument’


Desis are just as bad 


‘Whats your name’ is getting out of hand 


This trend needs to be stopped




The only people this can work for is clearly the Sheelas of the world 


Some names have become actual jokes

It’s not only Pakistanis who have a problem with people butchering their names


Those with easier names also feel the struggle


Tell us how people have butchered your name, in the comments.


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