What Is #PopvsRock And Why Is It All Over My Timeline? 🤔🤔🤔

By MangoBaaz Studio | 6 Nov, 2018

Ah, the world of Twitter: from serious political analysis to the funniest cat memes to the heated debates over human rights and equally spirited conversations around biryani with or without aloo – we’ve seen it all. And usually, I’m all for it. I’m the first person to retweet anything and everything so one can imagine how awks it was that something was trending on social media and…I had no clue what the heck was up?


So basically, this #PopvsRock hashtag just broke Twitter

And your girl has got her investigation on – aakhir ye ho kya raha hai???


So apparently it all started with Xulfi’s interview with Express Tribune:

Xulfi talks about how historically, Pakistan has been overtaken by the age-old clash between the Rock and Pop genre. The rock fans and musicians have always had to face what he calls “a friendly tussle” with their pop counterparts. “It is so much fun because we were all friends in life, but on stage, we knew the game was on”

Ye tou dhoka hai, bhai. But, we get it.

While sharing the interview on his official Facebook Page, Xulfi asks the audience what they think and who, in their opinion, represents their “genre” or musical preference.

This later sparked a WHOLE debate and people aren’t coming in SLOW

There’s a poll and everythangggg ~


Friends jumping in for the duel

Twitter folks are pitting the singers various Pakistani against each other


Others are calling on all the musical greats to forward their music choice

Like Fuzon (what happened to them, though?)


The OG boys behind “Jal”


And the bad boys behind “Qayaas” and eP (hello Fawad)


Down to those who aren’t with us anymore

While the fans kept with their online chatter, it was obvious that two ICONS were repeatedly being “summoned”

As the only musician deeply associated with rock everyone unanimously can stand behind, Ali Azmat is a hard-core rockstar, through and through. So of course, his fans kept bringing up his name and everything.

Except when he posted this video and took Rock genre’s side (the reigning supreme of all music genres, apparently)

He talked about standing up for his genre, if needed.

Wowowowowoww. That’s…intense.


ANNNNNNND Just when things were about to settle down, Strings also JUMPED RIGHT IN.


Me, rn.

The teaaaaa. The shaaaaade.

Is there going to be a duel? Are we supposed to get ready for a fight? What’s happening? Where are we? Why are our music gurus talking like that? Somebody should sound the alarms or something, idk? I didn’t sign up for this. I was literally trying to…investigate #PopvsRock hashtag that’s been going over social media.

So, there you have it, folks. You’re all caught up to the drama and the mystery. Except, we have a feeling there’s more to come.

Stick around.


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